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Monday, 7 November 2016

Summary of Blogs on Cardmaking 1-50

I have thought it a good idea to try and organize the blogs a little to make them more accessible to myself and my readers. With this in mind, I have started grouping blogs that have a common theme together in a summary blog. This blog is complete with links, headings, descriptions and photos. This is the first of these blogs on making cards.
Blogs 1-50

Blog 1 - Fusing Papers with Plastic
"I wanted to make a pretty birthday card for someone special. I found myself with absolutely the perfect paper for the person I had in mind. The problem was that both sheets of paper I wanted to use were single-sided, meaning the back was white. I almost always use double-sided paper/cardboard when making cards."

Blog 2 - Butterfly Card
"I have another birthday coming up and the gift is sorted. As a matter of fact, it is already wrapped. All that is left to do is to make a beautiful card to accompany the gift. I love it when the card and the wrapping paper and/or gift compliment each other."

Blog 3 - Rugby Craze Card
"For some strange reason I always feel more challenged when I need to make a card for a man. I always feel as if I need to make a real mind shift to incorporate all kinds of macho ideas. This is not really true. I can use the same ideas and techniques as I do for women. The only things that will change is the palette (sometimes) and the themes (also not only sometimes). Let me walk you trough this card I made for my Rugby Enthusiast father."

Blog 4 - Mother's Day Card
"It is Mother's Day and the best time to say how much you appreciate your own mother. I will show you how to make a quick and inexpensive card for the occasion."

Blog 5 - Father's Day Card
"Father's Day is upon us and it is time to tell those special men in our lives how much we appreciate them. I am a firm believer in the personal touch and prefer handmade cards to store-bought ones. Yet, I am well aware that everyone has busy schedules and a card should not take a whole day to make. Let me show you a quick one to make."

Blog 6 - Birthday Card for a Car Enthusiast
"Creating the right card for someone can be tricky. I find that focusing in on one of their pet loves or hobbies can be of great assistance in getting it right. In today's card I used someones enthusiasm for cars as a focal point, but you can easily swap the theme out with one that fits your subject better."

Blog 7 - Birthday Card for a Teen Boy
"Teen boys can be notoriously difficult to please when it comes to cards and sentimental things. I like to keep it very manly when it comes to this group. You do not want them to get the idea that you still think of them as boys! Remember to add an interesting aspect to the card. In this case I tied it with a string, creating the element of secrecy and making it only slightly more intricate to get to the message. You ask why? When you have to work at opening something, you are more curious about the contents than when you can simply flip it open. An aunt has to have clever tricks up her sleeve, doesn't she?"

Blog 8 - Birthday Card for a Young Girly Girl
"I love pink and I have a little niece who is just like me when it comes to pink. She also insists that it has to be a bright pink. On top of that, she is a Strawberry Shortcake fan. It was very easy to settle on a color scheme and theme for her birthday card! Let me show you how to warm the heart of the cute girls in your life."

Blog 9 - Cardmaking: Drawing and Making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Card
"Last night my niece stormed in here in a huff and a puff. She needed a birthday card for a friend for the very next day! However, it had to be a card of Rafaello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - for a girl! Okay then. Not being a fan of the Turtles, I had to do a quick Google search to make sure I got everything in place. It turned out so cute that I decided to redo the card in daylight and to photograph the steps so you could also benefit from what I learned. I show you how to draw the turtle step by step."

Blog 10 - Make a Pop-Up Bear Card for a Baby Girl
"Today we go all out girly when we make this adorable pop-up card for a baby girl. From the cake with the sparkling candle to the bear popping up when you open up the card, there is every reason to love this card and it is sure to be a favorite with its recipient."

Blog 11 - Welcome Twin Baby Girls with these Duo Cards
"I am waiting anxiously to welcome a friend's twin girls into the world. I decided that instead of giving only one card, I will make her a set of two cards, one for each girl. This way she can start a keep-sake album for each of them without them having to share the cards. These two babies will be the first for a mom and dad who have gone through many experiences of pregnancies that failed, even as late as 6 months into the pregnancy. You can therefore only imagine how precious these two darlings are to everyone who know the expectant parents. I wanted to make sure that the cards carried this message."

Blog 12 - Drawing Minnie Mouse's Face Step by Step for use on a card
"If you work with kids then you will know that they love Minnie Mouse (among others) and at some stage you are going to wish you knew how to draw the cute little mouse. I show you how to do just that in a step by step blog today and then go one step further when I mount the drawing on a birthday card. This blog is also a very nice one to use with older kids who are interested in drawing."

Blog 13 - Drawing Minnie Mouse's Complete Body Step by Step for use on a card
"In the previous blog I showed you how to draw Minnie Mouse's face step by step. This cute little mouse has a body that is just as much fun to draw, although it is ever so slightly more complicated. If you enjoyed drawing the face, then you have to try your hand at the body as well. I used this drawing on the inside of a birthday card I was making, but you could just as easily use it on the outside of the card as well."

Blog 14 - Using Posca Marker to draw a butterfly (step by step) Card
"I bought some new markers by Posca and wanted to put them to the test. Once I started playing around with the markers there was no stopping me and I finally decided that this was so much fun I had to put in a blog so I could share the joy with you. The result is that today's card is entirely drawn with markers. I show you step by step how to draw these fabulous creatures before we assemble the card."

Blog 15 - Draw a Minion step by step en turn it into a card
"Minions are such big news with old and young right now that I simply had to incorporate one of these cute little creatures in a blog. It also had to be female or I would not be forgiven by my niece who is in the Minion class in her preschool. What to do with a minion that you drew step by step? Turn it into a card, of course! Follow with me for this easy drawing lesson. There are only a handful of snags to look out for, the rest is easy as pie."

Blog 16 - Using Masking Fluid to Paint a Card
"Masking fluid is a wonderful medium that can be painted onto a paint surface to retain the original color of the surface. It dries into a rubbery substance that can simply be rubbed away with a finger once dry. In today's blog I show you an introduction to the medium which has much more to it than can be covered in this single blog. But it is a good place to start. We paint a simple design on a small piece of paper and then turn the tiny painting into a handy card that can be used for a variety of occasions."

Blog 17 - Life's Journey Birthday Card
"In today's blog I show you how to make a symbolic card. I want to include a message that talks about wisdom that allows you to know when to hit the fuel and when to hit the brake pedals. I want to address the fact that there are bridges worth crossing and others that are better left alone. My solution was a card that would depict the message visually so that it would reinforce the writing inside. Let me show you how to make this very easy card."

Blog 18 - Naive Art Flower Card
"It is time to make a card for a very special person, my Mom. I know she loves naive art and decide to make her something along those lines. Being very fond of flowers, it is a no-brainer what I will be putting on the card. This card can be made with what is available in the house and requires nothing special. Best of all, you can get the children involved in helping to make it! Let me show you how."

Blog 19 - Quick and Inexpensive Christmas Cards
"Is it too soon to start with blogs on Christmas? On the one hand I want to shout yes, because I still have so many things that need to happen before I can even acknowledge that the year is rushing to and end. On the other hand I am forced to be a realist. Those of us who make handmade cards and gifts and decorations need a little more time to prepare for Christmas. And that is why I start with a blog on making Christmas cards in the middle of October. Besides, if you are going to mail cards to overseas friends and family, you will need to allow more time for the slower postal service over the holidays. Unlike birthdays where we need to make one or two cards, Christmas confronts us with scores of people who we need to send/give cards to. That is why I have two criteria for Christmas cards to adhere to: they have to be inexpensive and quick to make. Granted, there will be people deserving of more special cards and we will spend more time on their cards, but the majority of your cards should be easily, cheaply and quickly dispensed with. Today's blog shows you how to make one of these quick, easy and inexpensive cards."

Blog 20 - Turning your Adult Coloring Pictures into Cards
"Coloring for adults is all the rage these days and people are forking out lots of money to buy the rather expensive coloring books and artists quality coloring pencils. Yet, I have often heard my fellow colorists ask what they could do with all those colored pictures once they were done. It seems a shame to spend all those hours on getting it just right to simply close the book and rarely, if ever, look at it again. Today I will show you how to turn those pictures into a cute card and tomorrow I'll follow up with even some more nifty ideas."

Blog 21 - Turning your Adult Coloring Pictures into Cards 2
"I have shown you one option for making cards with your adult coloring pages and today I will show you another. I had an off-cut left from one of my coloring pages after using half of it in another project. Even off-cuts can still be used as I will show you in today's blog."

Blog 22 - Turning your Adult Coloring Page into a Blinged Upright Card
"In today's blog I show you yet another card to make with your beautifully colored pages. This time we add a bit of bling to make it extra special, but only enough to highlight the coloring, being very careful not to hide it."

Blog 23 - Turning your Adult Coloring Page into a Blinged Top Fold Card
"I show you yet another cute idea for turning your adult coloring pages into pretty cards in today's blog. This time I add a surprise element to the inside of the card as well. This one has all the elements that little girls will love. It has bling, buttons and other cute factors."

Blog 24 - Making Christmas Cards from your Adult Coloring Pages
"When I first drew the designs for the Christmas Collection, I thought I would be using them on a tablecloth I wanted to paint for the Christmas table. I may still do that, but in the meantime I simply had to put some color to those pictures that were simply begging for Christmas cheer. I made up my mind to print them slightly smaller than the original designs and use them on Christmas cards. I use the same basic idea for all four cards and will walk you through the steps for only one of them. In the meantime, here is a preview of what you can expect from the blog."

Blog 25 - Using Fabric Painting in Card-making
"I am still thinking up innovative ideas for Christmas cards as I get bored by repeating the same idea too many times. I decided it would be a great idea to draw one of the Christmas designs on a small piece of fabric. I will then paint it and incorporate the painted image in my Christmas cards. The scale on which this is done makes it slightly challenging and I recommend working with good paint brushes that can handle the detail."

Blog 26 - School Holiday Project 15: Making an Embossed B-day Card for Mom
"My niece and nephew got out of the pool today and very casually informed me that they were now coming over to do some art. Well then ... this aunt has never been one to shy away from an art challenge. It was game on! I racked my brain walking home with them and decided it would be a great idea to have them make a birthday card for their mom, who had a birthday coming up the following week. Grabbing a quick cup of coffee before going to the studio, I retrieved the peel-back lid from a fresh tin of coffee and immediately knew that introducing them to joy of embossing was just the thing to focus on."

Blog 27 - Embossed Birthday Card
"It is my sister-in-laws birthday and I wanted to create a card for her that was filled with flowers, sunshine and joy. It should leave no doubt in her mind that she is special to all of us. I do a little bit of embossing on the card before filling it with even more flowers. Quick and easy, but sending the message I wanted to send."

Blog 28 - Making a Valentine's Card
"Love is in the air and it is time to show the special people in our lives how much we appreciate them. We will help Cupid along a little by creating the perfect Valentine's Card to give to an adored woman. The colour scheme for Valentine's should really be red, but if you opt for shades of pink, you will still hit the mark. This is exactly what I did for today's blog."

"I love the impact that you get from using the three primary colors together. Today's card sees us doing exactly that when we make a card in these three strong colors. The colors make such a bold statement, that I underplay the embellishments, allowing the colors to do most of the talking."

Blog 30 - Lilac Flowers Friendship Card
"Sometimes in life you do not have a special occasion to give a card. All you have is a deep sense of appreciation that someone is in your life. In today's blog we make such a card that can be given to that friend who has stood by you when you needed them most. A friendship card that says 'you are appreciated.'"

Blog 31 - Engraved Wood Card
"We do a couple of interesting things on wood, such as engraving, chalking and inking, before we use the wood panel on a birthday card. Interested? Let me show you more."

Blog 32 - Making a Stepped Birthday Card
"Today's blog has two elements that I absolutely love. The first is the interesting shape of the card that seem to mimic steps. The second is the interesting use of the simple circle shape. Sometimes simplicity goes a long way and has the ability to make a stronger impression than intricacies. Let me walk you through these quick steps and show you what to look out for to get it just right."

Blog 33 - Making a Beaded Birthday Card
"I received a packet of Skull Beads from Dala and I was instantly fascinated. There were a number of ideas that immediately sprang to mind as to what I could do with it, and I have shared some of these with you already. But what I wanted to do, more than anything else, was to use them in conjunction with a very specific paper design I had in my paper stash, to make a card from. That is why today's blog was inspired by the beads."

Blog 34 - Six Ideas for Making Tags
"There are times when you need a tag, rather than a card. There is no need for those occasions to be littered with unsightly and boring tags. Tags can be made and decorated in a matter of minutes. As a matter of fact, making today's 6 widely different options took me only about half an hour for the lot. I use different mediums and techniques to make these tags, once again attempting to inspire you to explore your own creativity, rather than simply copying what I did."

Blog 35 - Using Glitter Paper Effectively When Making Cards
"If you are like many crafters these days, you have a stash of craft paper filling your shelves. I love the brilliant glitter finish paper you can buy, but one has to use it wisely to prevent projects ending up looking kitsch. Today we make a rather simple card, using basically only paper and punches, where I show you how to use your glitter paper effectively."

Blog 36 - Park Your Lawnmower In The Shed Birthday Card
"My  6 year old nephew is quite obsessed with lawnmowers. So much so that he has chosen this as the theme for his bedroom. It did not require brain surgery to figure out the theme for his birthday card then. You can adjust the theme of your own card easily enough, but let me show you how to create a shed to hide away the surprise on your own card."

Blog 37 - Embossing Kitchen Foil For A Birthday Card
"When making cards for men or, in this case an emerging man in his mid teens, it can be slightly tricky. I want to keep it funky enough to incorporate his youthfulness, yet mature enough so as not to seem demeaning. Glitter paper is acceptable, but I don't want it to dominate. That is why I decided to use kitchen foil to add the metallic sheen I was looking for."

Blog 38 - Making A Pop-Up Birthday Card For An Upside Down Girl
"I have an upside down niece. I am more likely to see her feet than her face. The reason for this is that she loves doing cartwheels. As a matter of fact, this is her favorite mode of transport and you will frequently see her cartwheeling the distance between our house and hers. This is why I decided to incorporate a figure doing cartwheels on her birthday card. However, as she is also my assistant baker, I decided to include a three layer pop-up cake inside the card."

Blog 39 - Cardmaking: Using Transparent Layers To Build A Card
"There are so many pretty transparent papers on the market these days, but it is not always easy to know how to use them in our crafts. In today's blog, I make use of a number of transparent layers to build a card, using their unique qualities to add even more nuances to the card, than I would be able to achieve with opaque papers."

Blog 40 - Cardmaking: Making Effective Use Of Layers In A Card
"To make today's card, I am going to be using off-cuts from previous projects to try and reduce costs. I make a point of always keeping off-cut pieces and today I will show you how to build a beautiful card using only your discarded items laying around the craft room. This is so much fun, you may never make another kind of card ever again!"

Blog 41 - Cardmaking: Combining Odd Patterns Into A Single Card
"Most of us have been raised to believe that you can not use two floral patterns together and that if you have one strong dominant pattern, that you should use plain colours with it. This is a good general rule of thumb, but it is possible to combine a multitude of patterns successfully if you keep certain design principles in mind. I show you how to do this in today's blog when I make a multi-patterned card."

Blog 42 - Making 1st Birthday Hello Kitty Cards For Twin Girls
"My friend's twin girls are turning 1! Every time a little girl has a birthday, it is an excuse to indulge in an overload of pink. I consulted with the two little girls in my life, my nieces, and they both agreed that I could not go wrong with Hello Kitty. That is why I show you how to draw two Hello Kitty designs in today's blog, before we turn them into birthday cards."

Blog 43 - Cardmaking: Welcoming A Baby Girl
"Friends of mine recently welcomed their first little baby into the world. This was the ideal opportunity for me to make this newcomer a special card for her memory box. I love giving cards to babies, even though they can't read them. When they are older, they can discover them for themselves and know that they were a joy and blessing right from the start. I took the design for this card from my book filled with 50 great designs for arts and crafts projects, aptly titled Designs by Miekie 1. Simply click on the title to hop over to, where the book is available for download as an e-book. Or stay right where you are and let me show you how to create this cute card."

Blog 44 - Cardmaking: Allowing The Paper To Dictate The Occasion
"Sometimes, though rarely, you just seem to have the perfect paper for a specific occasion. These times call for restraint. You should allow the paper to speak for itself, instead of crowding its message with all sorts of additions. I show you how to highlight the message of the 'perfect' paper in today's blog."

Blog 45 - Cardmaking: For A Gardener
"We all have gardeners in our lives. They are those people who love to tinker around in the garden regardless of whether their preference is for flowers, succulents, veggies, herbs, or all of the above. These are the people I love to give plants to for their birthdays, and when I do, I want the card to accentuate the gift. I show you how to make just such a simple, yet friendly, card in today's blog."

Blog 46 - Cardmaking: Invite To An Arranged Party
"Do you also have friends who adamantly refuse to celebrate their birthdays? I like to treat these friends to a party, arranged by myself and other friends we have in common. These special birthday friends then end up receiving an invite to their own birthday parties. We make just such a card in today's blog."

Blog 47 - Colouring In - Using Shading & Blending Techniques
"Colouring in has taken the world by storm and old and young are discovering new-found pleasure in their colouring pencils. Somehow, it seems that most publishers have resorted to printing adult colouring books that are filled with minute spaces that have to be coloured. This is nice, but it does not allow for practicing your colouring techniques and honing your skills. I share some ideas on blending and shading in today's blog when I show you my idea of what adult colouring ought to be."

Blog 48 - Cardmaking: Layering, Stamping, Inking & Using Your Coloured Pictures
"In the previous blog I shared some ideas on colouring with you when I showed you some techniques for shading and blending with colouring pencils. We use the picture we coloured in the previous blog to make a pretty card in today's blog. We use a variety of other techniques in the process as well, including, inking, layering, stamping, etc."

Blog 49 - Cardmaking: Making A Tag Booklet
"There is simply something magical about the act of untying and opening gifts and cards. Today we use a couple of simple tags and turn them into a booklet. The booklet is tied together with rope and ribbon before being handed to the recipient. This untying of the 'card' makes the act of receiving it so much more fun. Just watch people's faces when you hand them their tag booklet, to witness the sheer delight."

Blog 50 - Cardmaking: Japanese Geisha Greetings
"We have a lot of fun with paper piecing in today's blog when we make a special greeting card. Mine was made as a bon voyage to a couple going on holiday in Japan, but you can use this as a birthday card, or for any other purpose as well. I show you how to cut some very simple shapes from paper to build theses cute Japanese girls. I especially love how they overlap and extend past the perimeters of the card. It gives the card a playfulness and make the dolls seem to interact with each other."

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