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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

School Holiday Project 47: Making An Earring Board

Today's project is a very easy one to do with the kids. By the end of it, the girls will have a board on which to organize their earrings, while the boys will have a nifty gift to present mom, or grandma with on Christmas. It is not an expensive project and requires little enough skill for smaller children to participate. Even teen girls will enjoy making these handy earring organizers!

You need to start on a very sturdy and strong cardboard. You may also choose to use a masonite board. My cardboard is A4 size. I used BIMM board.

How you decorate your board is really a question of individual taste and ability. I made some diagonal lines with Distress Ink pads.

I alternated colours, using a metal ruler as guide.

The results of using distress ink pads. The lines are not overly solid.

I then found some stamps with swirls on it.

I would use 4 different inks on every single stamp.

Ink the stamp with all of the colours. Press down and lift the stamp away.

Here you can clearly see that I have used all four colours on my ink pads.

I randomly stamped the cardboard, allowing some stamps to deliberately run off the sides.

You will now need a couple of craft 'ice cream' sticks. I used two sizes in the wooden sticks as well as some of Dala sticks that are shaped out of foam rubber.

I played around with the layout until settling on this one as the least boring. I wanted to create some energy, without letting it seem too random.

You will need lots of double-sided 3-D tape. Cut pieces for both sides. If you fix it to the board like this, there will not be enough space for the earrings.

You need to build the depth of the tape up by sticking small pieces on top of each other. I used 7 layers on my Dala foam rubber sticks.

Use an awl to poke holes for the earrings. Make sure you space them equal distance apart. Mine was spaced 2 cm apart. Avoid making too many holes as overloading the earring board will cause the sticks to pull away from the board.

I will be able to fit three pairs of earrings in each of these sticks.

When placing it on the board, you can see that I have managed to create a depth of approximately 1,5 cm. I now have enough space for my earrings behind the stick.

I repeat these steps with all of the foam rubber sticks.

When it came to the wooden sticks, I started with the very small ones and used the ready-cut double-sided 3-D squares. I built these up to 4 layers as the squares are thicker than my tape is.

When sticking these on, I realized that I would need extra security on the heavier wooden stick to prevent them from sagging in the middle.

I repeated the steps with all of the smaller wooden sticks.

I did the same thing with the larger wooden sticks.

I then stuck some double-sided 3-D tape to the back of the board.

I stuck the board up right inside the recipients wardrobe, so that it is easy to match outfits and jewelry  when getting ready.

Make sure that the board fits inside the shelf openings when the door is closed so that the earrings are not damaged against the shelf when closing the door.

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