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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Cardmaking: Mosaic A Paper Picture

Today's card was actually an afterthought to a project I planned to do with the kids. I was simply working out the sequence of steps I wanted to teach them when I realized that my final product was too cute to discard. This was when I decided to turn it into a very suave card, ideal for a young teenage lady.

I took today's picture from a magazine I bought a couple of years ago at the airport in Cologne while waiting for a flight.

I loved this picture and wanted to use it.

Whenever I cut from a treasured magazine, I check the reverse side of the page to make sure I am not sacrificing something that has value to me. I was okay here.

I very carefully cut the picture I wanted to use from the magazine.

I then measured it against an A4 page to see how the two papers complimented each other. This would be perfect.

I drew cutting guides on the back of the picture.

Then I started cutting the picture apart.

Each piece that was cut off, was carefully laid out in order on the blank paper.

My final cutout. I now drew a 1 cm pasting guide on the left and bottom of the page. My pieces would have to line up with this guide.

When I started gluing the pieces onto the paper, I decided to cut the pieces into even smaller bits.

I glued the backs.

I aimed for even spacing between the different pieces.

The final product with all the pieces glued in place.

I now needed to complete the frame and crop the paper.

It was when I had cropped the picture that I realized I wanted to turn this into something useful and settled on the idea of turning it into a card.

I used a white 12" x 12" paper for the base of the card.

I folded this in half.

Fitting the picture on the paper, I cropped the card to the desired size.

I attached the picture with double-sided tape to the card.

I then felt that the card needed a splash of red to draw attention to it. I glued some dots on the card to attach a couple of red rhinestones.

The finished card has just enough elegance to delight a young girl.

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