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Friday, 4 November 2016

Making A Christmas Angel Ornament With Ribbon

While visiting a friend in Kimberley, we attended a Christmas in July Dinner one evening. They handed out these little gift bags with all the necessary materials to fold your own angel ornament. It certainly wasn't anything new, and there are loads of links on the internet showing you how to make these. I had quite forgotten about it when I rediscovered the gift bag earlier this week. I figured that with Christmas just around the corner I may as well share this favorite project with you, as I already had all the necessary materials conveniently collected for me.

Here is the gift bag that we received, unpacked so you can see what you will need. You need two lengths of wire ribbon. The longest should measure 30 cm and the shorter 20 cm. The ice cream stick is optional, but it does make the whole task much simpler. You will also need a bell, a piece of string and a flower or star rhinestone embellishment.

Use the ice cream stick to guide you in how wide you should make the folds in the ribbon. Start with the longest ribbon and fold it back and forth in a zigzag pattern.

 Here you can see how to fold the ribbon. You can work with ribbon, other than the wire ribbon, but start on this as it does simplify the task until you are more adapt at what you are doing.

Snip one side of the ribbon off just below the wire.

Staple the folded ribbon together, close to the top of the side that you snipped off.

You can now open the ribbon out to unfold the angel's dress.

Fold the shorter ribbon in the same zigzag pattern as before, using the ice cream stick as a guide.

Fold this ribbon in half to find the center.

Staple on the center mark.

You can now open the angel's wings.

I prefer to make a tiny fold at the top of the angel's dress and to staple it again. This simply gives me a more secure base to which to attach the wings. This is my own trick and you can use it or loose it as you prefer.

Use your hot glue gun to put a blob of glue on top of the dress.

Place the center of the wings, where the staple is, on the blob of glue.

Put another blob of glue where the body is attached to the wings, on the front of the angel.

Put your rhinestone embellishment on this blob of glue.

String the chord through the bell and tie it with a knot to make a loop on which the angel can hang.

Put a blob of glue on the wings where the head should be.

Put the bell on the glue, with the string pointing upwards. The bell doubles as the angel's head.

I do not have a Christmas tree up yet and simply hung the angel on a door knob to give you an idea of what it would look like on a tree.

A better picture of the completed angel.

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