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Monday, 24 October 2016

Using Crackle Medium With Blackboard Paint

Having rediscovered my crackle medium for a painting I did the other day, I suddenly started wondering if the medium could be used with other types of paints as well, or if its use was truly restricted to acrylics, as the label claimed it was. I simply had to find the answer. I decided to restrict my experimentation, for the time being, to other water-based paints. My first experiment would be conducted on Dala Blackboard Paint. I show you what I discovered in today's blog.

As this is simply an experiment, I do not wish to work on a large surface and find a small piece of off-cut masonite. I paint two layers of Dala gesso on the masonite to prepare it to accept paint.

Once the gesso is dry, I paint a layer of Maroon Blackboard Paint by Dala over it.

I wait for the first coat of Blackboard Paint to dry before painting a second layer over it, in the opposite direction.

Once the paint is dry, I paint a thick coat of Crackle Medium over it.

I allow this last coat to dry overnight before continuing with the experiment.

The next morning, I painted Dala Blackboard Paint in Pink over the dry Crackle Medium.

Though the cracks started to appear almost immediately, they were more pronounced after the paint had completely dried.

I had two more tests to subject the project to. Would I be able to write on the board with chalk? This photo answers the question affirmatively.

The second question is whether the board would wipe clean again after writing on it? Once again the answer is positive.

I then decided to turn this test into a project by turning this little piece of off-cut masonite into a fridge magnet notice board. I had four strips of magnet lying in the nick-knack basket that I had removed from some forgotten item.

I glued these magnet strips to the back of the board.

I then used charcoal to draw beaks for some ostriches I wanted to paint.

The necks were drawn in.

The eyes were drawn.

I painted the eyes in Black Dala Blackboard Paint.

The neck and feathers of one bird was painted in Navy Dala Blackboard Paint.

I added highlights to this bird with Blue Dala Blackboard Paint.

The remaining bird was painted using Grey Dala Blackboard Paint.

Highlights were added with Teal Chalkboard Paint.

I then mixed the maroon and pink Dala Blackboard Paint to get a new shade.

I used this to paint the beaks.

The openings of the mouths were painted in Grey Dala Blackboard Paint.

In no time my experiment had turned into a fun addition to the fridge.

Here you can see it displayed along with all the other magnets.

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