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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Painting An Intercessor In Acrylics & Ink

The act of intercession in prayer is to pray on someone else's behalf. I love the idea of this and have often benefited from it. Prayer warriors are not soldiers, but anyone with a humble heart who can bow before the King of kings and pray. I wanted to capture the essence of that humble and peaceful spirit in this painting. The image may be meek and innocent, but the Power behind such an intercessor is not! I show you step by step how to paint this darling in today's blog.

I start by priming a masonite board with three coats of gesso.  The board had already been sawed to size and measures 60 x 38 cm.

Once the gesso is dry, I paint the center of the board a bright yellow.

I paint the outside of the board a warm red without waiting for the yellow to dry, hoping for the colours to blend on the canvas.

I help the blending process along by painting the middle ground an intermediary yellow. I now wait for the paint to dry completely before carrying on.

I draw the figure I am going to paint in black marker directly onto the board.

I start the dress in purple.

I add dark blue shadows to the folds and sides of the dress.

The jacket is painted green, the socks two shades of blue with an even darker blue for the shadows of the socks.

The check pattern on the jacket is started in yellow. The flesh is painted in a light flesh tint.

The shadows of the fleshy parts is painted a darker flesh colour, the flowers on the dress are painted white, the check pattern on the jacket is completed in orange and the shoes are painted dark blue.

The hair is painted a light brown, the buttons are painted pale blue and the flower pattern on the dress is painted bright red, as are the lips.

A medium brown is added to the hair, the frills are all painted white and yellow dots are added to the centers of the flowers.

White reflections of light are added to the figure and the ones on the purple dress are painted a feint purple after being added.

Highlights and shadows are added to the hair.

A lace pattern is painted onto all of the frills with a dark grey.

Finally, a marker is used to highlight the detail of the face some parts of the body.

My intercessor is now ready to be framed so she can adorn someone's walls. She is available for R1250. Contact Marietjie at Free delivery in Gauteng.

Marietjie Uys (Miekie) is a published author. You can buy the books here:
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