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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

School Holiday Project 43 - Making Paper Plate Dinosaurs

The kids came over for yet another visit and as soon as they came in, asked what we were going to make today. My eye fell on the stack of paper plated sitting on the kitchen counter and I thought it could be fun to turn these into dinosaurs. The project requires a paper plate and two toilet rolls, as well as a polystyrene platter for two kids. Cheap, easy, and loads of fun.

Start by cutting a paper plate in half. (I have to admit that I saw this somewhere on the internet - can't recall where - and the idea is not entirely my own, although it has some of my own adaptations).

Cut the toilet rolls in half as well.

Release the kids on some acrylic or craft paint and let them paint the toilet rolls as well as the paper plates.

Cut a small strip of polystyrene in a half moon.

Cut triangles out of the sickle moon.

Have the kids take the triangles out by hand.

Cut a neck and head out of the polystyrene.

This is what my head looked like.

Staple the 'fins' onto the back of the dinosaur.

Staple the neck onto the dinosaur.

Cut tails from the polystyrene and staple this onto the back of the dinosaur.

Put a droplet of glue on the head and have the kids position an eye in place on the glue.

Cut small slits into the toilet rolls with a craft knife.

Slide the paper plate into the slits.

I now had two proud artists with their completed dinosaurs.

Pretty soon we had two dinosaurs roaming freely on the kitchen counter.

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