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Sunday, 2 October 2016

School Holiday Project 41 - Painting With Salt

In today's blog, we are relying on salt's ability to absorb water when we paint. I show the kids some alternatives to the normal art materials when we draw with glue and paint with a pipette. The lovely sparkly end product is enough to enthrall any child.

Squeeze some watercolours into small containers.

Dissolve the paint to a very liquid and runny state by dropping water onto the paint ...

... and mixing it.

Get some cold glue in a bottle with a spout.

If you wish, you may draw a pencil drawing to guide your young artists. The glue is then painted directly onto the paper from the glue bottle. This project works best on a black background.

Pour some salt over the wet glue, shake off the excess salt and catch it in a container. The pour the excess salt over the painting a second and a third time until you have a thick layer of salt covering the glue.

My painting after the salt had been poured on three times, and shaken off a final time.

Suck the paint into a pipette and drop small droplets onto the still wet salt and glue painting. be careful to drop the paint only on the salt lines. If too much paint is dropped onto the painting, you can use the same pipette to suck up the excess paint from the painting. This is a valuable lesson in itself for the kids.

Once the whole painting is 'painted', you can leave it in the sun to dry.

Once dry, the salty painting will shimmer and shine in direct sunlight.

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