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Monday, 3 October 2016

School Holiday Project 42 - Making Stretchable Slime

My little niece was outraged when she requested we do something and I suggested we should play with slime. She relaxed when I explained to her that we would have to make the slime first before we could play with it. This sounded a whole lot better than the alternative she had imagined. I show you how easy it is to mix a lovely stretchable slime for the kids to play with in today's blog.

You will need a cup (250 ml) cold glue. Adding glitter or glitter paint is entirely optional, but does make for more fun. If you are going to be adding glitter, you will need to add a substantial amount. You may also opt to add some acrylic paint or food colouring. I kept my version stark white.

I squeezed about 50 ml glitter paint into the cold glue and my assistant was happy to mix the two.

Heat some water to just below boiling point, or use very hot water from the tap. Add 2/5 cup (200 ml) of hot water to the glue and mix well.

The water and glue solution once mixed.

You will now add 2 tablespoons (25 ml) of borax to a second mixing bowl.

Dissolve the borax in another 200 ml of hot water.

Pour the borax solution into the glue solution.


As you mix, you will note that the mixture starts to turn gooey.

Keep mixing until it turns really gooey and then allow it to cool down. It will set even more while cooling.

My young man came in from outside while it was still cooling, but was already cold to the touch. You can see that it has already turned very pliable.

Once completely cold, the slime is cold to the touch, as if it had been in the refrigerator. My other niece came over and started stretching it ...

... and stretching it.

She folded it back to bring it together again. It sticks to the skin, but pulls away cleanly without leaving any residue.

You can also stretch it sideways. I could publish loads more pictures as the kids had hours of fun with this, but why not mix your own and take pics of your own kids having fun with slime.

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