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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Painting A Flip-Flop Mini Triptych In Acrylics

The weather has turned hot and some friends and I had been making plans for a trip down to the coast. This has set me in the mood for painting holiday scenes. What better way to capture the spirit of a vacation than to paint those relaxed flip-flops that we changed into from our normal footwear. Today's blog show you how to paint this scene over three mini canvasses using acrylic paint.

I am using three very small canvasses that have already been primed with gesso.

The canvasses each measure 4" x 4", or approximately 10 x 10 cm.

I start with Ultramarine Blue.

I paint only a small strip at the top with this blue. It will come to represent the ocean.

I then move to painting the beach in Yellow Ochre.

I use a fan brush and white paint to add surf to the ocean.

I start a hedge on the beach with a dark brown.

I then bring the refelction of the ocean onto the hedge.

I finally paint the hedge white, which would explain why the ocean is reflected on it.

I anchor the hedge with Raw Sienna and bring shadow into the beach at the same tame, allowing the sand to appear uneven.

The tops of poles are darkened, where they  will be most weathered.

I also add a shadow side.

The cross beam on the hedge is then painted in exactly the same fashion.

I draw some flip-flops and other detail onto the beach in pencil.

The drawings are first painted white, before being painted with their individual base colours.

Detail is added with more paint in contrasting colours.

More detail and light and shadow is added.

The tops of the flip-flops are painted.

I can finally sign my name to the finished painting.

A close-up of the painting.

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