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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Sewing A Flower Bag: The Construction Of The Bag (Part 3 of 3)

Over the past two blogs, I have shown you how to draw up a pattern for this bag, as well as how to make the flowers which give the bags its flair. In this blog we finally get to put the bag together. We start by sewing the pockets, followed by the flap. We then construct the body of the bag and bring everything together by hand.
You can read Part One and Part Two here.

Select the fabric of your choice.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the bag.

Remember to cut the opening for the handle.

Cut 2 pieces from the lining as well.

Cut 6 pieces of lining for the pockets.

I wanted to make sure that I would get these lovely flowers on the pockets. It meant that I would wate some fabric, but this was not a time to be frugal.

I cut the 2 pieces needed for the pockets separately to make sure I got the flowers in place

Cut two pieces for the flap.

Cut one piece of vilene for the flap.

Lie the pieces of the pockets together with right sides facing.

Sew along the top of the pockets.

Do this for both the outer and inner pockets. There are four pockets all together.

Iron the seams open.

Fold the pockets over and iron the top seam flat.

Lie the pockets on the main bag and pin in place. Divide the pocket in three equal distances. Sew from the bottom to the top to divide each pocket into three smaller pockets.

Do this with both the inside and outside pockets.

Here you can see more clearly how I sewed the pockets.

To make the flap, sew around three sides of the flap, laying the fabric down with right sides facing.

Cut the corners away.

Turn the flap inside out.

Iron flat.

Mark the size of the button.

Mark the space for the button.

Sew the buttonhole.

Open the buttonhole.

Pin the petals out of the way that run the risk of getting caught in the side seams of the bag.

Line up the pockets and pin down the sides of the bag.

Pin around the bottom of the bag.

Only pin up to where the handles start curving inwards.

Sew all around the bag between the pins.

Cut the corners away.

Fold the corners in and flatten them.

Sew the corners flat.

When you turn the bag right side out, the base will now have squared out.

Do the same with the lining now.

Pin the corners of the lining down.

Sew the corners of the lining.

With right sides facing, put the bag inside the lining.

Pin the handles of the lining and the bag together all the way round.

Sew from one end all the way around to end at the same spot.

Cut away the excess fabric in the seams of the handles on the curves.

Turn the bag right ride out.

Pin the openings of the handles in.

Insert the flap into one of the openings.

Sew the openings by hand.

Sew the button on by hand.

Enjoy your new bag!

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