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Saturday, 21 April 2018

School Holiday Project - Cardmaking: Froggie Love

Today's card is a bit of fun for someone special. This can be used as a Valentine's card, or simply as a birthday card. Whoever you give it to, it is sure to illicit a smile from the recipient. I chose to show step by step how to draw this simple figure, as I think this would also be a very fun card to do with the little ones. This card was inspired by a photo I discovered on Pinterest.

I start by folding an A4 cardboard in half to form a card.

I then cut a sheet of watercolour paper to fit on top of the card.

I wet my watercolour pans by dripping water on them. These pans become very difficult to work with when they dry out too much. For this reason I wet all of the colours and not only the ones I will be using for this project.

I was my background in graded blue and wait for it to dry.

The top of the frog's mouth reminds me of Napoleon's hat.

The bottom of his mouth is a semicircle.

I add the eyes and draw the pupils at the same time.

I then draw a massive heart.

I draw four fingers holding the heart on both sides.

I then paint the heart bright red.

I paint the frog a luminous green.

The pupils are painted black, but I leave a white dot in each to create the illusion of wetness in the eyes, which makes them seem alive.

The next step is optional, but I opted to outline the drawing in black ink.

I added the wording as it was in the original picture on Pinterest, as this appealed to me.

I then apply double-sided tape to the back of the painting with which to attach it to the card.

Now we just need to add a couple of fun elements.

A bit of bling tape adds sparkle to the card.

Two wooden red hearts reinforces the message of love.

The finished card.

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