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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Multi-String Earrings

I have yet another pair of earrings to make for the gift box I have been working on and I am sure you will love these as well as you did the others I made with fringe. I am still looking for dangling earrings with lots of movement in them to make for my little (almost) five-year old. These earrings were inspired by her Elsa dress, which she still wears on a regular basis. They match the colours of the dress beautifully and would make a much loved addition to the outfit. I show you step by step how to make these cute earrings in today's blog.

Start by selecting your focal beads. These will be the largest and heaviest beads. It is also important that they be the main colour of your earrings. String these beads through some jewelry chord to make sure the holes are big enough.
For those of you who missed the blogs on making the Elsa dresses, here are the links to two different variations on the dress, as well as an accompanying handbag. I also made a matching doll's dress in the theme.

Designing and Sewing a Dress Inspired by Elsa from Frozen

Sewing a Drawstring Purse

Tie a double knot at the start of the chord. I have not cut it off the roll yet.

You should now have a single large bead on the roll with a double knot at the end to keep it from slipping off.

Cut a long piece of the string off and do the same for the second earring. Now tie a knot around a small jump ring. Leave a small space between the bead and the jump ring to allow the bead to move freely on the string.

Tie a knot in the open end of the string.

String a few light-weight beads onto the string, and tie them off with yet another double knot.

Cut the ends off.

Tie a double knot in your off-cut strings and slide a few more beads on. Tie the ends off with knots.

Tie these second string of beads to the jump rings with knots. Remember to leave a little space for unhindered movement.

You now need to find some beads in a contrasting colour to add a surprise element to the earrings. String these on as you did the others between two knots.. Trim the ends when you are done.

Twist the jump rings to open them and slide an ear wire into each of the jump rings.

You now have a set of earrings to delight any lady, big or small.

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