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Friday, 9 December 2016

Make A Beaded Necklace & Matching Looped Earrings

We have done a couple of blogs on jewelry making already, but we have not yet covered all the techniques or materials by a long mile. In today's blog I share some more ideas and tricks that I have not covered in previous blogs. Most notably, I show you how to use crimp beads on both the necklace, as well as the earrings.

For today's project, I will be using thin fish line. This is used on both the earrings, as well as the necklace.

I cut a length of line the desired length of the necklace. I then slide two tiny crimp beads onto the wire. You can use only one, but these beads are rather fragile and the gift is intended for a little girl. That is why I opt to secure the necklace with a second crimp bead.

Slide a lobster claw onto the line and then fold the line back in a loop. Slip the end of the line back through the crimp beads.

Use your flat-nosed pliers to flatten the crimp beads on the line, preventing the lobster claw from slipping out. Trim the end of the line, sticking out behind the crimp beads.

Decide on the beads and the colour scheme you wish to use. Slide the beads onto the line, settling on a pattern that pleases you. (I could not locate my flat-nosed pliers and you will note that I had to settle to use the round-nosed ones. Not ideal!)

Repeat this pattern until you almost reach the end of the line.

Slide two more crimp beads onto the line at this end.

Slide the line through a jump ring, and fold it back in a loop. Push the end of the line back through the crimp beads, as you did on the other end.

Use your flat-nosed pliers to squash the crimp beads flat on the line. The necklace is now done and we can turn our attention to the earrings. A quick word before I leave off. You will note that the fish line will probably make all kinds of odd loops, unless you used heavy beads. You can steam the line into shape, or hang a heavy weight on it for a couple of days to straighten it.

You will need fish line, jump rings, a French hook and crimp beads to make the earrings. That is aside from the beads you will be using for the pattern.

Open the jump rings and slide the French hooks onto the rings.

Cut two short lengths of fish line, slightly longer that you require for the earrings. If you cut it too short, you will find it hard to work with.  Slide two crimp beads onto each line.

Loop the line through the jump rings and slide it back into the crimp beads. Flatten the crimp beads with your flat-nosed pliers.

String your beads onto the line in a repetition (or partial repetition) of the necklace.

Slide two more crimp beads onto the line. Loop the line through the jump rings and slide it back into the crimp beads.

Squash the crimp beads with your flat-nosed pliers.

You now have a pretty jewelry set to present to a very lucky recipient.

My little birthday girl honoured me with a surprise visit half-way through the project. Instead of hiding it from her, I allowed her to help me finish it. She was very happy to model it for me, before I made it disappear until the day of her actual birthday! That little face is the result of her scheming to take it home, rather than hand it back!

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