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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Making Date Balls

I had some dates that had been forgotten in a stow-away container and when I rediscovered them it was obvious that I would need to use them urgently if I wanted to have any use of them. Fortunately it is the ideal season for snacks and sweet things, especially with the kids regularly coming to visit straight from the swimming pool. Date balls is a firm favourite with all and this was all the excuse I needed to make them. I share the recipe with you in today's blog, along with a neat trick for rolling those sticky balls.

Add 1 cup (250 ml) sugar, 500 g pitted and diced dates and 250 g (250 ml/1 cup) margarine to a large pot.

Melt the sugar and margarine. Remove from the heat before it reaches boiling point.

Add two eggs and stir it into the hot mix very quickly.

Add a cup (250 ml) sunflower seeds (or any chopped nut you prefer) as well as two packets of crumbed biscuits. You can use Tennis biscuits, Marie biscuits, or even digestive biscuits.

An easy way to crush biscuits is to use lightweight hammer. Tap the corners of the packet. Tap the tops and bottoms. Now tap randomly all over. This is a no-mess way to do it. Do not tap so hard that the packet breaks open!

The dates I used were old and hard. Heating them had softened them a little. I used my blending stick to chop them fine once they were softer. Normally, I chop them before adding them to the pot. (Note: I did this before adding the eggs, nuts and biscuits.)

Adding the eggs. The pot should be removed from the heat at this stage.

Adding the nuts and biscuits. Those large pieces of biscuit will soften and crumble quickly in the wet and sticky mixture. Stir well to mix everything together.

Fill a large bowl up to 1/3 with cold water. Add 2 cups (500 ml) desiccated coconut to another mixing bowl.

I asked my mom to take these photos for me. Wet your hands in the water and shake off the excess water.

You will now be able to roll the sticky balls between your palms without it sticking to your hands. You will be able to do 3-4 balls before having to dip your hands in the water again. Neat, isn't it?

Roll the date balls in the coconut.

Put aside on a tray.

Easy as pie! Enjoy!

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