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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Making Tassels From Wool

I have a life-long love relationship with all things fringe, and tassels fall smack in the middle of this. I recently showed you how to turn fringe into tassels to be used as earrings, but today I will show you how to take plain wool to make your own tassels. I will show you a couple of cool ideas for using tassels in upcoming blogs that you may not have thought of before. But first, we have to learn to make our own tassels, so that we can personalize the upcoming projects to look exactly the way we want it to look, without being delivered unto what is available in the local shops.

Find a piece of sturdy cardboard. I find packaging cardboard is brilliant for this purpose.

Decide how long you want your tassel to be and cut the cardboard to that length. The width is not very important, unless you aim to make a very thick tassel. I decided on a tassel of 10 cm in length.

I found this very tousled wool in my stash and loved the idea of using it. I am not sure if it shows on the photo, but it has a silver shimmer in it, making it ideal for what I have in mind.

Line the end of your wool up with the cardboard.

Start winding the wool around the cardboard.

Keep at it until the tassel has the required volume. This is solely at your own discretion. Cut the end on the same end that you started on.

Slip some wool (or thread, if you don't have a big enough needle) onto a large needle.

Slip the needle under the wool and pull through.

Cut the ends long enough to hang the tassel from.

Pull the ends together and cut the loops on the opposite side open.

Secure the top end with a double knot.

Tie a knot in the two ends to complete the string the that the tassel will hang from.

Wind some more wool around the head of the tassel. Finish with a knot that is slipped under the wound wool.

That is as easy as it is to make a tassel. Now watch out for tomorrow's blog where I show you how to turn this tassel into a pretty Christmas tree ornament.

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