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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Using Glitter Paper Effectively When Making Cards

If you are like many crafters these days, you have a stash of craft paper filling your shelves. I love the brilliant glitter finish paper you can buy, but one has to use it wisely to prevent projects ending up looking kitsch. Today we make a rather simple card, using basically only paper and punches, where I show you how to use your glitter paper effectively.

I use a 12" x 12" paper that I have used in a previous project as base for the card. I cut it in half to measure 6" x 12".

This paper is then folded to form a 6" x 6" card.

I find a coordinating paper that has also already been used in previous projects.

I measure a rectangle of 6" x 3" on this paper and then cut the shape out.

I position the paper about a third from the top of the card and stick it down with double-sided tape.

I then use three differently coloured glitter paper. From each of these I cut a rectangle measuring 6" x 1".

It fits perfectly on my coordinating paper, but I do NOT fix it in place just yet.

I now cut a rectangle from plain printer paper to use as backing for my glitter paper. This should measure 6" x 3".

The glitter paper is glued down on the white paper.

Once the glue is dry, I punch flowers on the sides of inset.

This punch gives me a very pretty and interesting finish.

I now use another punch to punch a square into the center of the inset. I punch from top and bottom to turn the square into a rectangle. Position your punch carefully when you do this.

I now fix my inset to the card with double-sided tape.

I punch 4 hearts from a fourth colour of glitter paper.

These are mounted on 3D double-sided tape.

The four hearts are used to make yet another flower in the center of the card. Easy, wasn't it?

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