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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Laying Out & Cutting Out A Top For Sewing

In a previous blog I have shown you how to make sense of a pattern if you want to take up sewing as a hobby. In today's blog I continue with the same pattern, showing you how to lay the pattern out on your fabric and then cutting it out. In a following blog I will show you how to read the pattern and how to sew it.
Understanding the pattern
Laying out and cutting out the fabric
Sewing a top following the pattern directions

This is the pattern I explained to you in the previous blog.

I decide to make pattern variation C and take note of the pattern pieces I will need to cut out.

I carefully select the necessary pieces and double check them against the pattern info sheet.

Here you can clearly see that the pattern piece tells me it needs to be used with variations C and D.

This pattern piece should be used with all four variations.

These pattern pieces are not used in my choice of variations and I put them away for another day.

I now match my fabric and contrasts to the pattern pieces they will be cut from.

I start with the first contrast and lay the pattern piece out as instructed.

I pin the pattern to the fabric and cut along the pattern lines.

I do the same thing with the other contrast.

I then lay the pattern pieces out on the fabric. You should probably cut yours out at this stage. I wanted to make a pair of trousers from the same fabric. It is in my best interest to lay out the trousers along with the top before cutting out to ensure I get maximum use of my fabric.

When I add my trouser pattern pieces, it becomes cleat that there are better ways to lay the patterns out that will save me some fabric for another project.

I move the fabric up and lay both patterns out before I even think of cutting. You will find that it often works out like this when you start sewing.

I am finally ready to cut out the pattern. In following blogs I will show you how I made both the top as well as the trousers.

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