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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Painting With Glitter

I have been doing decor for children's rooms of late and it has left me slightly whimsical. That is why today's quick project is not simply a painting blog, but one that adds a little bit of shimmer to the paint. I use a wooden cut-out and basically 'colour' it with paint before I start adding some fun elements. This is a fab exercise for everyone who is into adult coloring and is looking to break away from paper for a change.

It is very easy to create pretty decor items when you start with a pretty base.

I love the vibrancy of Dala Craft Paints and they have brilliant adhesive qualities, making it very versatile across a large amount of surfaces. I used the fabulous Turquoise here. I used a medium flat brush throughout this project. I simply turned it sideways to paint the thin lines between the larger detail areas.

I then switched to the very strong Red.

Not having a pink in stock, I opted to mix my own from Red and White. I always find that mixing paint work best when using a palette knife.

I painted the areas I wanted to be pink in my mixed colour.

The remaining areas were simply painted White.

Teddy is Dala's range for younger kids, but every so often it actually makes it into my projects as well. The Glitter Paint is acrylic, which means that the brush can simply be washed with water when you are done. I used the Silver here. The Silver and Gold has glitter in a transparent liquid. This means that you can add it over any previous colour to add a thin layer of sparkles. If you want more sparkle, wait for it to dry, and add as many coatings as you like until you are satisfied with the results.

I then used my Tombow Glue to add some rhinestones, which also happened to be a Dala product.

A couple more bling objects and I had a pretty butterfly to decorate a girl's room with.

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