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Friday, 6 May 2016

Taking Polystyrene Room Decor A Step Further

I showed you how to paint polystyrene room decor in a previous blog and discussed some of the pitfalls to look out for. In today's blog I take the concept a little further when I decorate a girl's room. This time we go a little mixed media to highlight certain features on the designs.

I do not share the steps for painting the basic designs with you again, as this was already covered in the previous blog. Feel free to refer back to that blog for more details. We enter today's blog where the main designs are already painted. Our little girl settled upon Sofia the First for a theme. Sofia makes out the main feature of the designs and is done on a large polystyrene rectangle.

The squirrel is done on a circular polystyrene of 50 cm in diameter.

The rabbit is done on a circular polystyrene of 45 cm diameter.

The first of the birds is done on a diameter of 40 cm.

The last design is done on diameter 35 cm. This means that each of the circles become 5 cm smaller than the previous one, which will make for interesting decor in the room.

A special request was made to include flowers and hearts in the background and that is added before the backgrounds are painted.

Sofia's background mimics a hillside and open sunny skies.

The other backgrounds are simply shaded as was discussed in the previous blog.

Once all of the backgrounds are painted and dry, I use three different sized black markers to outline the drawings. My selection includes a fine liner, a bullet point, and a chisel point.

Once the lines are defined, it is time to tackle the designs with glitter paint. I love Dala's Teddy Range for this. I especially love the gold and silver that has the glitter mixed into a clear paint. This makes it possible to paint the glitter onto any previously painted background without it affecting the colour, but simply adding shimmer to the surface. Our little lady showed up at this stage and was happy to lend a helping hand to her gran and me as we were painting this for her room.

Once the glitter paint was dry, it was time to tackle the project with some beads and rhinestones. These would be attached to the polystyrene with Dala Styrofoam Glue. Not all glues can be used on polystyrene as it would eat the polystyrene away. This one is very safe.

Different rhinestones are used in the necklace.

A combination of beads and rhinestones are used in the crown.

Pearl beads are used on the dress.

The 4 smaller paintings all had glitter paint added to the hearts and flowers. Little girls love a bit of bling. The smallest painting.

The second painting.

The third painting.

The largest of the round paintings.

Sofia in all of her splendour.

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