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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Bootlegging Some Paint

I bought this lovely wooden boot cut-out the other day when I was in a local craft store. I simply could not resist. Is that not the case too often when it comes to shoes? Well, this one would not go onto my feet, but it would be great fun to paint. The project is not a very difficult one, but it does require a steady hand (and making sure you have the right paint brushes!). It is almost like colouring for adults, but this time we do it with paint and paint brushes.

I bought this lovely boot as is from the shop, which meant that very little effort would be required from me as it already was so spectacularly beautiful. Normally, I would threat the untreated surface with Gesso to prepare it to take paint, but today I want the colour of the wood to influence the semi-transparent paint I will be using on the surface. This will result in colours that have the same undertone, binding them into a closer unity, even though they are completely different.

I start by painting the sole of the boot Black, using acrylic paint that I have in stock. I use a medium sized flat brush for this purpose.

I then use Dala Craft Paint in Warm Red to paint the detail on the boot. This time I use a medium sized round brush and I load only the very tip of the brush with paint, holding it upright while paining the tricky small spaces.

I paint the background of the boot in Custard Dala Craft Paint, using a small flat brush.

I then use my Tombow Glue to make a row of glue dots on the imagined cuff of the boot. I stick flower-shaped rhinestones onto these glue dots.

I then glue two rows of rhinestones above and below the flower line.

I also glue some rhinestones onto the sole and heel of the boot.

There is now nothing left to do, except to sit back and enjoy the pretty.

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