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Monday, 2 May 2016

School Holiday Project 28: Making A Mask 4 A Diva

My four-year old niece had a scheme for involving me in a paint project she had in mind. She whispered in my ear that she was in need of a mask and the two of us promptly sat ourselves down to create one. The drawing and cutting aspect of this was a little advanced for her, but would be great with slightly older kids. Still, she had a ball of a time painting and decorating her mask and paraded it all over the place.

She surprised me by selecting a green paper to cut the mask from. This A4 paper is folded in half in the length.

Draw the bottom line for the mask to establish this perimeter. I then measured the distance between her eyes and found it to be 3 cm apart. I divided this measurement in half and marked the spot for the inside corner of the eye, 1,5 cm from the fold.

I then drew in the eye.

This was followed by a swanky curve for the top of the mask.

All that was left to draw, were the curves connecting the top to the bottom.

It would be a little difficult for her to cut something on the fold and that is why I cut the mask out.

I then used a craft knife to cut the eyes out, with the paper still folded in half.

She was astonished to see that there was a whole mask when I opened it up, not having realized yet in life the significance of working on a fold. Invaluable lesson learned!

We now fitted the mask to see if any adjustments would need to be made.

At this point, I gave the mask to her and she took to it with watercolours, glue and embellishments.

 When the paint and glue was dry, I used an awl to make two holes next to each of the eyes. A string was strung through these holes.

The string was tied with a knot on the inside. The same things was done on the other side.

The string is tied behind her head with a bow.

And our masked Diva was ready for the ball!

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