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Friday, 19 February 2016

School Holiday Project 17: Making a Super Silly Sailboat

It was a hot Summer's Day and the kids were getting restless. I figured it would be great to take them swimming, but wanted to wait a little for the worst of the heat to break. What better way to occupy them than to have them make sailboats to take out on the water later. This project is super easy, requires only a little bit of time and can be done with re-purposed packaging. Bonus!

You will need two polystyrene trays. I recovered mine from a recent shopping trip to the veggie market. You will also need a pair of chopsticks and a single A4 sheet of paper or cardboard.

Divide the paper in two diagonally.

Cut on the dividing line.

Have the kids decorate their own sails with markers/koki's, crayons, collages, paint, etc. What you choose to use depends entirely upon yourself/the kids.

Stick a strip of double-sided tape along the shortest side of the triangle.

Lay the chopstick along the tape and fold the paper over.

Fold the protruding end at the top over, securing the top so the chopstick can not stick through it.

Put a blob of Prestik in the center of the polystyrene tray.

Stick the sharp end of the chopstick into the Prestik to stand the sail upright.

All that is left to do, is to take the boats to the water now.

You can always add passengers/crew for the boats.

Now add children and sit back to enjoy the fun.

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