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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Saving a Discarded Cutting Board

I am uncertain about the origins of the discarded cutting board I found floating around the garden, but the plot is big and there are lots of people passing through. All I know is that one day I went outside and found this old cutting board on the burn pile. I did not hesitate, but salvaged it then and there. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I knew it had great potential. Today I finally got around to turning someone else's discarded junk into my own treasure.

This is what the discarded cutting board looked like when I found it. The front view ...

... and the back view.

Nothing beats a good washing and I scrubbed it a couple of times with a variety of soaps, brushes and other abrasives.

Having been thoroughly soaked, I needed to wait for the wood to dry completely before I could continue. I decided not to sand the board down, rather liking the cuts and grooves in the wood, the result of having been in use somewhere. I will work with this, rather than against it.

When the wood was finally dry, I started by painting a layer of gesso on the top of the board.

I love the detail in the wood grain and would try to retain it.

Once the top was dry, I flipped the board over and painted the bottom with gesso as well.

I opted to use VanDaniQue chalk paint in Tuscany to paint the cutting board with.

I start on the bottom of the board and wait for it to dry completely before flipping it over to work on the top.

While I am waiting for the top to dry, I select and cut some craft paper to the required size for decoupaging.

I lay my planning out on the board to make sure it fits well.

You can either use Modge Podge or Acrylic Gel Medium to do the decoupage with.

Paint the first section of the board with the medium.

It is optional, but I like to paint the back of the paper with the medium as well.

Carefully lay the paper in place on the board and rub any air bubbles or creases out.

Paint another layer of the medium over the paper.

Do this with each paper square in succession until the whole board is covered. Now allow it to dry. To make sure that you have a well protected surface, I recommend that you paint 4-6 layers of the medium on top of the first, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next.

With my final layer dry, I used a golden Sharpie Marker to draw borders around the squares.

I also used a small sponge, retrieved from a tablet bottle, to rub some golden Magic Touch over the plank.

All I wanted was a golden shimmer, so I worked very lightly with the Magic Touch.

I made sure to add some sheen to the sides of the plank as well.

Then I went in search of some Dark Wax.

I used the Dark Wax to 'distress' the plank a little.

Wait about 24 hours for the Magic Touch and Dark Wax to dry. I now have a beautiful board that will work wonderfully as a serving platter for cheese boards, bread, fruit, or simply to display some girly knick knacks.

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