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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Making a Valentine's Card

Love is in the air and it is time to show the special people in our lives how much we appreciate them. We will help Cupid along a little by creating the perfect Valentine's Card to give to an adored woman. The colour scheme for Valentine's should really be red, but if you opt for shades of pink, you will still hit the mark. This is exactly what I did for today's blog.

I started by gathering a selection of plain, printed and vellum papers together. Aside from the two-tone card I was going to use as base for the card, the rest were all offcuts from previous projects.

Fold the card in two in its length.

Find an appropriate stencil for the occasion.

Use and embossing tool to emboss some designs onto the vellum paper.

Breaking the rules a little, I turn the vellum upside down and emboss from both sides.

I used double-sided tape to stick a decorative offcut down on the card.

The vellum was stuck down to overlap the first paper, which remains visible under the transparent vellum.

The lightest shade of pink is used on the inside of the card so that a personal message could be added and still be legible.

Flowers and hearts are added. I use Tombow glue to fix the embellishments to the card.

Nothing is too corny on Valentine's!

The outside of the card gets its own flower embellishments as well.

Die-cut wording and stickers puts the finishing touches on the inside of the card.

A close-up shot of the inside of the card.

Die-cuts and stickers are added to the outside of the card as well before we are done.

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