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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Embossed Birthday Card

It is my sister-in-laws birthday and I wanted to create a card for her that was filled with flowers, sunshine and joy. It should leave no doubt in her mind that she is special to all of us. I do a little bit of embossing on the card before filling it with even more flowers. Quick and easy, but sending the message I wanted to send.

I start with a double-sided 12"x12" craft paper.

This I cut in half with the assistance of my craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat.

I decide to use the piece with the least detail as I will be adding a lot of my own. This is then folded in half to give me a square 6"x6" card.

I find some coordinating cardboard in my cardstock pile.

From this, I cut a frame to fit my card.

I then find coordinating vellum.

This is cut to size to fit into the frame I cut.

I turn the vellum with its right side facing down.

I then lay it face down on a piece of sponge rubber and use an embossing tool to outline the pattern printed on the vellum.

When I turn it right side up, this is what the design looks like now. Perfect.

I use double-sided tape to stick the vellum to the frame ...

... and the frame to the card.

I now turn my attention to the inside of the card. I use Tombow glue to paste some fabric flower embellishments in one corner of the card.

Small glue dots in the centers of the flowers allow me to add some rhinestones to the flowers.

There are more people who want to write their messages in the card. knowing that it will be hard to write on the left side of the card later, I write my message before I continue, adding some heart-shaped rhinestones to the bottom of the message.

I then make a couple of glue lines on the vellum.

This is used to keep the sunflowers that I add in place.

Some 3D mirror tape to the back of my die-cut wording will create depth.

As the flowers are quite bulky, I did not want the words to lie flat on the page and get lost.

More glue dots are added.

This time my rhinestones come in the shape of flowers.

And finally I have a card that gives sunshine and flowers in spades, testifying of our love for this special woman that is such a valued addition to our family.

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