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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Giving a Makeover to a Tablet PC Cover

Those of us who have Tablet PC's know that they travel everywhere with us and that they have virtually infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Mine certainly has! And so has my mom's. The grandchildren also basically has free reign on hers and the result is that her cover has become quite tatty and worn. She was all set on replacing it with a new one when I gave her recipe file a makeover. She decided there and then that I needed to do something similar to the iPad cover. Who am I to shy away from a challenge? I accepted and share the the experiment with you in today's blog.

This is what the cover looked like when it was handed to me.

I conferred with my mom and we both agreed that the best colour for the job would be Moulin Rouge in VanDaniQue's Chalk Paint.

As the Moulin Rouge was transparent, I needed to put down a layer of White Wash first to mask the black.

Wait between coatings for the paint to dry.

I applied the first layer of Moulin Rouge, but knew straight away that a second layer would be required.

After the second layer was painted, the colour seemed solid and I was satisfied.

I then decided to do a mock Folk Art design on the cover. I started with English Rose as the most dominant of my detail colours.

I painted the stand for the cover in the English Rose.

I then painted 'vines' in Tuscany.

I added dots/berries in English Rose.

The centers of the flowers were painted in English Rose and the petals in Petit Fours.

The front of the cover was done, but I still needed to pay attention to the back.

I used the same idea and colours to paint the back of the cover, but swapped the Moulin Rouge with the English Rose.

Once everything had dried completely, I gave the cover a good coating of varnish.

The final product opened up.

The view from the back.

The view from the front.

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