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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Using your Adult Coloring Pages to fold a Wedge-shaped Box

In today's blog we will be folding a wedge-shaped box. Fold a couple of these and you will have a full circle of boxes. That should make for some very interesting storage. Or how about arranging the gifts for your guests like in this shape at a wedding? There are a range of clever uses for this one. I use one of the patterns from the Geometric Foursome collection to fold this box. The design is available from as a Digital Download. I show you how to color the design, but you can skip over this part and do your own thing. Once the design is colored, we'll fold the box. 

Coloring the Design
I use Derwent's student range coloring pencils for these designs, simply to save my more expensive artist quality pencils a bit. The Academy range of products are still very good and you will certainly not be disappointed by it, but it is not quite on par with sets such as Coloursoft or Studio as it requires more effort to get a rich color on the page. I start by coloring alternating petals Ultramarine Blue.

The remaining petals are colored Blue.

I decided to make each of the four flowers different in color, but similar in pattern. The second flower is colored Purple and Violet.

The third flower is colored Naples Yellow and Deep Orange.

The last flower is colored Cadmium Red and Bright Pink.

The leaves are started off in Light Green.

They are finished in Dark Green.

The stems are colored Light Green.

The inside of the first flower is colored Dark Blue and Kingfisher Blue.

The next flower is colored Yellow and Orange.

The following flower used mixed colors in each of its circles. The outer circle was colored with both Bright Pink and Rose and the inner circle was colored with both Deep Red and Red.

The last flower was also done with mixed colors, using Light Blue and Purple in the outer circle and Violet and Carmine red on the inner circle.

The background is then colored with Acid Yellow.

Folding the wedge
With the page fully colored it is time to start folding the box.

I start by cropping the white borders.

I decide upon the basic size and shape of the wedge.

I use the triangles in my drawing set to get a 90° angle to project from the triangle.

I draw the sides of the wedge.

It is time to cut out the basic shape of the wedge.

I fold the lines over a ruler to keep them neat and tidy.

I place two short strips of double-sided tape on all three of the short flaps.

Fold the three flaps in and secure the sides of the wedge in place in this way.

Fold a second wedge exactly the same size from a coordinating color cardstock.

The colored wedge will fit on top of the plain one that goes at the bottom.

The perfect gift box to slide into a birthday cake, with one slice of the cake removed.

The designs used in this project are available from Go to Digital Downloads and select Geometric Foursome. Add it your cart and proceed to checkout. The link to your downloads will appear in your inbox as soon as the transaction has cleared.
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