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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Making PJ's a Boy won't wear to Bed!

My little nephew arrived for a sleepover the other day and I became very excited by the idea of me making sleepwear for myself. I then promised him that I would make him some as well. The next day I had some time on my hands and a little boy conveniently close by for measuring and fitting, so I set about making him a pair of trousers and a shirt to sleep in. He was very impressed! Only problem is that he refuses to sleep in it, calling it his fireman's outfit and wearing it as day clothes. Well, it's his outfit after all, so who is to say he may not do so? Certainly not this aunt! Let me show you how easy it is to sew this outfit in just about two hours.

I had this pattern available to use as a starting block.

I needed only the front and back of the jacket, excluding all pockets. I also needed the front and back of the trousers, again not including the pockets. This was laid out on the fabric, keeping the text direction in the fabric design in mind. I would not want the writing to be upside down!

I made the front longer at the top. The original pattern had a waistband here, but I simply wanted to fold it over and include an elastic, similar to the back. I also decided to cut the front and back pattern pieces as one, joining them at the side seam instead of cutting them apart.

The back of the pattern could be used as is. I only had to check the measurements to make sure it would fit my nephew.

The front was cut on the fold, just like the back. I would not have an opening, but would make sure the neck line was large enough to simply slip over the head.

I pinned the back and the front of the vest together at the shoulders.

The shoulders were sewn together at 1,5 cm seam allowance. This seam allowance would be maintained throughout.

I then pinned and sewed the side seams on the vest as well. At this point I set the vest aside to work on the trousers.

I pinned the front crotches together.

I sewed the front crotches together. I then laid the back panels of the trousers on top of each other and pinned the back crotches together. These were also sewn.

I then matched the crotch seams, pinning them together and pinning the inner seams of the trousers together, working from the crotch out to the hem down both sides.

The inner seams were sewn together starting at the hem of one leg, through the crotch and down to the hem of the other leg.

I now turned to the ironing board where I pressed all of the seams open.

Laying the trousers aside, I turned back to the vest. I used 38 mm wide bias binding around the neckline and arm openings. This was pinned in place.

I then sewed all around the neck and arms to attach the bias binding to the vest.

I then had the little boy fit the outfit to pin the waist and the hems. I sewed a tube at the waist through which to put the elastic. The trousers were hemmed at sewn according to the leg length and the outfit was finished in next to no time! Another little boy was released onto the world to douse fires as he went.

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