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Friday, 20 November 2015

Sewing a Cute Cow Table Protector

Not too long ago I posted a blog where I showed you how to paint some cute cows.The designs for the Cute Cows are available for download in digital format from In today's blog I take this painting and turn it into a practical, but pretty, item for the home when I sew a table protector. A table protector is almost like a pot stand as it is padded and can withstand heat. It is however, not intended to withstand extreme heat, and it is much larger. This makes it the ideal item to place on the table when you have lukewarm dishes. Scalding hot ones can rather go on the buffet.

In this blog I am working with a panel that I have painted before.

The first step is to add the padding. Cut a piece of padding to be slightly smaller than the painted panel (leave 1,5 cm borders all around).

Cut a backing panel from a coordinating piece of fabric, exactly the same size as the painted panel.

Sideline: I always collect off-cut pieces of fabric in a bag. When I have filled the bag, I send it off to a nearby creche where the cash-strapped teachers come up with very clever ways of incorporating it into the children's arts and crafts projects.

The most important thing to do is to first set the color on the painted panel by ironing it with a very hot iron. This will guard against the color coming out in the wash.

With that done, I now use the hot iron to iron the batting onto the painted panel.

My panel is 72 cm wide and I therefore measure 6 cm intervals and draw guiding lines for the quilting.

Sew right on top of the guiding lines when you quilt.

The quilted panel.

A close up photo of the quilted panel.

Lay the quilted panel and the backing panel on top of each other with right sides facing. Pin together.

Sew right next to the batting, almost on top of it. Sew around three sides, leaving one of the short sides open.

Cut away the excess fabric in the corners.

Turn the piece right side out and iron the sides flat. Fold the opening in and iron it flat as well.

Find matching ribbon and pin it to the piece. Fold the beginning and the end over as shown.

Fold the corners as shown.

Sew along the inside border of the ribbon, as close as possible to the edge.

Sew around the outside border of the ribbon, as close as possible to the edge.

You now have a decorative table protector to use at the next braai (barbecue) at your house.

The designs for the Cute Cows are available for download in digital format from
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