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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Drawing a Nativity Scene, and Angel and a Christmas Tree Step by Step

At Christmas time all of us crafters like to make all sorts of items as gifts and decorations to celebrate this great feast on the calendar. With this is mind, I have designed a set of five line drawings that can be used across a wide variety of crafts. I share step by step how to draw the designs, but if you do not want to draw the designs yourself, you can buy them very cheaply on under Digital Downloads by clicking here. In today's blog I show you how to draw the Nativity Scene, an Angel and a Christmas Tree. In the previous blog I shared the steps for Santa Clause and a Snowman with you.

Nativity Scene:
Start by drawing the basic outline of the crib.

Draw in the wooden detail.

Now I add some legs for it to stand on.

We shall have some hay protruding on all sides.

The inside of the crib is layered with cloth to receive the Baby.

Add Mary's face wrapped in cloth as was the custom of the day.

Develop Mary's head further, as well as her neckline and shoulders. Put a Baby in her arms.

Complete the front arm and hand. This gets the most detail. The rest of her body and dress fills the bottom of the page and covers the front legs of the crib.

Add a sense of the miraculous by drawing a huge star in the background.

Make the star sparkle by adding lines between the points of the star.

It is time to outline the drawing with a black Posca Marker.

Do not neglect to erase the pencil marks before you are done.

The angel is started on the upper body. Start with the shoulders and neckline. Add the arms and the wide sleeves. Now you can get the outline of the upper body in place.

I want to create a sense of the ethereal and will not finish the drawing at the bottom. I want flowing robes that simply fade away. Outline the dress and concentrate on getting the hands right.

You can make the bottom even less pointy if you like. I had to add some structure for design purposes. I also started on the face, keeping the features fine and small.

I like the idea of bushy long hair. You can adopt your own preferred style, of course.

It took some time for me to decide what shape the wings should take, but I finally settled on this idea.

It is time to outline the drawing with a black Posca marker.

The final step is to erase the pencil marks.

Christmas Tree:
Draw the outline of the shape your tree will take.

Add a star at the top of the tree.

Wrap the tree in decorative strings. Do not bother with detail here as we will finally leave this space open.

Now we add some decorative balls to the tree. It is also time to soften the edge of the tree to resemble foliage.

Give the balls something to hang from and add some detail to the insides.

I will do the detail for the foliage in pen, but I will start you in pencil. Work smaller to the top and larger as you near the bottom. I have filled the top of the tree here.

Here I have drawn only one branch in the second section of the tree so you can easily see the shape. Fill the whole tree with these 'branches' lying haphazardly in all directions. Guard against a pattern occurring.

I move to the black Posca marker at this stage of the drawing.

Drawing the foliage takes a lot of time and it will be wasted time to do it in pencil only to redo it in ink again.

Keep filling up the branches, increasing the size as you move down. I have erased the top pencil lines here so you can see how the decorative string now becomes an illusion rather than an actual drawing.

When I am done I add a couple of candles at the foot of the tree.

Download these designs by clicking here.

Download these designs by clicking here.
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