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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Making Embellishments with Hot Glue

Have you ever been frustrated by not having the right embellishment for the job? I may just be able to offer you a solution. I recently found an article on Pinterest where someone used hot glue to make their own embellishments. I simply had to put it to the test. I share the results of the experiment with you in today's blog.

All you will need is a hot glue gun, glue sticks and a silicone mold of your choice.

Squeeze the hot glue into the silicone molds. Sink the tip of the glue slightly into the mold to make sure you fill it completely. Do your best not to overfill, although it is quite easy to trim the glue back once it is set.

Leave the glue to cool and harden. This takes a very short time. Deeper molds may take longer.

The glue does not stick to the silicone and releases beautifully.

You will be left with beautiful embellishments and a clean mold!

Any spills can easily be trimmed away with a pair of sharp nosed scissors or a craft knife.

Simply paint the embellishments with nail polish to match it to its purpose.

Here is an original and a painted button from my project. Have fun!

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