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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Making Christmas Decorations from Hot Glue

We will be using the Hot Glue Gun to make our own Christmas decorations in today's blog. Those of you who follow the blog regularly will remember that I have discovered how to make embellishments with hot glue in silicone molds. It occurred to me that I could adapt the same technique to make my own Christmas decorations. It became the first thing I turned my hand to when I awoke. Let me show you what I did, hoping you will share your own attempts in the comments when you try your hand at it.

I decided that I would not paint today's project rather liking the white semi-transparent appearance of the glue sticks. For that reason I filled the silicone mold I chose with a variety of glitter sprinklings.

I then filled each mold in succession with the hot glue, confident that the glue would do what it was supposed to, i.e. sticking to the glitter.

With all of the molds filled, it was a short wait before the glue was set.

I used the waiting time to cut strings for the decorations to hang from.

When the strings were cut, the glue was set and I popped them out of the molds.

They looked rather smashing and I was very satisfied with the results. On to the second step.

I placed the string at the back of one of the glue shapes.

I then applied some more hot glue to the back of the shape.

Finally I pressed a similar shape to the back of the first, gluing the two together.

I did the same with the rest of the shapes, turning them into proper Christmas decorations.

With the Christmas tree still in the planning phase, I was forced to hang the decorations from a jewelry hook to display the end result. Quick, easy and costing little more than the glue sticks used. If you prefer colored decorations, simply paint the decorations with nail polish to give them a shiny and brilliantly colorful finish.

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