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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mounting and Framing your Adult Coloring Pages in a Box Frame

In the previous blog I showed you how to fold a smallish box frame. Today I will show you how to fold one that will hold an A3 sized work of art. I will then mount one of my A4 Adult Coloring pages inside it and show you how to utilize the space available to focus the attention on the picture.

I have yet again tried my hand at color by number. Again, I did not like the process, but this time I liked the picture and I knew what I wanted to do with it. There are many Adult Coloring Books available on the market these days and you are sure to find one that appeals to you. I colored this picture with Derwent Coloursoft pencils.

A good idea when doing coloring by number is to write the number or name of the color you are using at the color keys. This way you will not accidentally select the wrong color.

I then found an A2 cardboard in a coordinating paper to fold into a frame.

We folded a box frame in the previous blog and I use exactly the same pattern, but my dimensions vary from the first as I am working with a much larger piece of cardboard. The flaps still measure 2 cm. The width and height of the frame are 3 cm throughout. As a result of this the space inside the frame is slightly smaller than in A3, leaving me just enough space to stick an A3 sized background onto the frame. I work on the back of the cardboard. All of these lines will be folded away to the inside of the frame.

I cut the frame out with scissors, a craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat combination.

I use an embossing tool to score the fold lines. This will make it easier to fold the thick cardboard neatly in the next step.

Since the cardboard I am working with is very thick and strong, I still use the ruler to assist in the folding process, despite scoring the fold lines with an embossing tool in the previous step.

I stick double-sided tape along the flaps. You can also use glue if you prefer.

I then fold the box and secure the sides in place with the double-sided tape.

I crop 2 cm off theh top of a sheet of coordinating A3 cardboard and mount it to the frame with double-sided tape.

I then trim the white borders off the coloring page.

In the next step I find a coordinating piece of cardboard in A4 size. This time I only need to crop 0,5 cm off the top. I cut a frame of 2 cm width all around from this cardboard.

This frame is mounted to the colored page with double-sided tape,

The framed picture will now be mounted onto the box frame's background with double-sided tape.

The framing and mounting is done and I can turn my attention to decorating the frame.

I use a variety of embellishments to decorate the frame. I incorporate some surprise elements in some of the corners and even allow one of these to infiltrate the frame, sticking it on the mounting paper. The embellishments were all stuck down with Tombow glue. I am happy with the results, but tomorrow I will take my coloring page one step further with even more surprise elements. Do not miss the next blog.

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