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Monday, 11 April 2016

School Holiday Project 24 - Making Notice Pegs for Boys

Perhaps it is because I am not a boy myself, but I find it rather hard to think up ideas for crafts to do with boys. Today's ideas are not entirely my own, but adapted from ideas I found online. Having some brilliant products from Dala on hand, I was able to add my own signature to it and today we make an airplane and a bow-and-arrow from clothes pegs. We then stick some magnetic tape at the back to create cute note holders for your little artist's master pieces. Best of all is that this is so easy to do, that you can get the little man to make his own!

My niece had brought me a couple of ice-cream sticks from an athletics event and one of these was broken. I trimmed the ends with a pair of scissors to give it a neat finish.

I then used Dala Craft Paint to paint 3 1/2 ice-cream sticks and two clothes pegs in the colours I liked. Be careful to keep the pegs pressed down until the paint is dry, or the wet paint will glue the pegs shut.

The airplane is very easy to do. Simply glue one of the sticks to the bottom of the peg and the other to the top for double wings. Then glue the broken half to the back of the peg to form the tail of the plane. Put it aside to give the glue a chance to dry.

For the bow and arrow and need some smaller craft ice-cream sticks and Dala Foam Rubber ice-cream sticks. All of these are already painted and it is as simple as selecting the colours that appeal.

I use a craft knife to make a small groove on both ends of the small ice-cream stick.

Then I use the craft knife to make a small slit on both ends of the foam rubber ice-cream stick.

Press the small ice-cream stick through the slits made in the foam rubber ice-cream stick to form the bow.

Push some split pins through the holes in the ends of the small ice-cream sticks to prevent them slipping out again as well as to give it a pretty finish.

Glue the bow to the top of the clothes peg.

Initially I thought to use foam rubber to cut the point and feathers of the arrow from, but then my eye fell upon these off-cut pieces of cardboard I had in a box I keep handy at the craft table. The one on the left has a glitter finish and the one on the right has a suede finish. Would you believe that I actually retrieved this from the packaging of some shoes my dad bought? You never know where your next treasure will be hidden when you are into crafts.

I shaped the suede-finished cardboard like a feather, cutting small grooves on the sides.

The glittered cardboard was cut in the shape of a triangle. I then glued both pieces to my remaining ice-cream stick to mimic an arrow.

The arrow ice-cream stick was then glued to the top of the clothes peg.

I then went in search of magnetic tape. This may be hard to find. If so, simply use magnetic sheets cut to size and glue them on. The tape comes already glued.

Cut your magnet to the required size. I had to cut the tape in half.

Stick/glue the magnet to the back of the bow and arrow peg.

Glue another magnet to the back of the plane peg.

Once all the glue is dry, you can place the pegs on the fridge or any other metal surface.

Add some art, notes or photos to put those pegs to good use.

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