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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Paint a Fashionista in Acrylics - Step by Step

It must be my fashion design background, but I love a pretty silhouette and today's fashionista steps straight from the yesteryear's fashion pages onto our canvas. I show you step by step how to prepare your background, do a quick drawing in ink, and paint our lady in acrylic colours. This decorative statement piece can easily be done in an afternoon.

I start on a small piece of Masonite I discovered in my wood pile. I sanded the rough sides, dusted it and then prepared the surface to receive paint by coating it with Gesso.

I then used Acrylic Paint to paint the background. I started by painting the inside of the board with Amsterdam Sky Blue.

I then painted the outside with Iris Cerulean Blue (Hue). Blend the colours slightly where they meet.

I waited for the paint to dry and then used a Black Brush Tip Posca Marker to draw the figure directly onto the board.

I gave the ink a bit of time to dry and then switched to a round brush to paint the Iris Titanium White of the fur coat. With an overloaded brush, I touch the brush to the board, give a short twist and lift it away to create the textured uneven appearance of the fur.

I then use Iris Alizarin Crimson to paint a streaky skirt flowing out from under the coat. Note the difference between the back of the skirt and the front at the hemline.

I use the same colour to paint her hat.

I then switch to Iris Payne's Grey. Instead of painting solid colours, I paint intersecting lines on the coat to create a pattern. I use the tip of a lightly loaded brush to achieve this.

Lastly I switch to Reeves Silver to paint the clutch bag in her hand.

In no time at all you will have created this fashionista, complete with texture and pattern to accentuate her clothing. I deliberately left the rest of the canvas empty so as to give her the appearance of a grand dame making an entrance at a huge social event. The lightly coloured center background, with the darker edges also helps to create the appearance of her being captured in the spotlight of the paparazzi.

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