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Friday, 1 April 2016

School Holiday Project 22 - Sand Art and Pompoms

Today we do yet another project with the kids to introduce them to new mediums and surfaces. We select Styrofoam as a surface, 'paint' with sand and beads, and then we add a cute pompom critter with foam rubber detail. Sounds good? The kids will have a ball!

We had some centers cut out of Styrofoam from a previous project I did with the kids where we cut Styrofoam frames. I gave these to the two younger kiddies to paint with Dala Craft Paint. One opted for Warm Red while the other went with Burnt Orange.

When the paint was dry, I drew a very simple drawing of a tree, the ground, a cloud and the sun on the Styrofoam with my black Sharpie Marker.

I then put each of the drawings in a deep tray and went to fetch the kids.

When the kids arrived, I helped them to paint the clouds with wood glue/cold glue/Dala Styrofoam Glue.

They then sprinkled some sand over the glued area.

Each part of the painting is done individually.

The excess sand is then shaken off in the tray and the tray is emptied back into the sand bag with little to no wastage,

The sun was done in the same way, but this time we used some inexpensive plastic beads.

A dot if glue was placed 'under the tree' to hold the Dala pompom that would form the body of the bunny.

The same was done for the head.

A couple of simple ears and a tummy was cut from Dala foam rubber and glued into place. All that was left to do, was to add eyes. The kids loved this and, provided you work in a deep tray, it is a no-mess project.

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