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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Using Palette Knives With Acrylic Paint & Impasto Medium

Having crafted a frame in the previous blog, I was itching to paint something to fit into the frame. I have been wanting to get back to the lessons on using palette knives and this was the ideal opportunity. Many people believe that palette knives can only be used with oil colours. This is not true. Today I will show you how to use oil colour techniques when painting with acrylics. The result is that your acrylics will take on the appearance of oil colours. Nifty, indeed!

I started by preparing a masonite board, measuring 17 x 29 cm, with Dala Acrylic Gesso.

I then painted the background in the colours I liked.

When painting the black and white detail, I made sure not to follow any particular pattern. I was not aiming for predictability.

I painted the detail on the tablecloth my vase would stand on.

I then drew a very simple vase with the beginnings of flowers in charcoal.

I painted the vase black, the stems green and the centers of the flowers orange.

I then added the detail to the vase.

My Dala Acrylic Texture Paste had dried out a little, but I can still use it.

I add my preferred colour to the paste.

Mixing the colour with the paste, will result in a paler version of the colour as the paste will affect the colour it is mixed with. Take note of this!

I pick the paste up with my preferred palette knife. I opted for a small knife with a rounded tip.

I simply dab the knife to the painting and lift it straight up and away to create very thick pasted flower petals.

The end result.

A closer view of the pasted paint.

I now use Payne's Grey and white to create highlights and shadows on the vase.

I then thin my acrylic paste with water and add green to it.

I now have a smoother paste with which to dab leaves onto the painting.

The finished result.

A closer view of the impasto leaves.

I add my name and then the painting is finished. You can purchase this painting from Marietjie Uys at Acrylic on board. 17 x 29 cm, unframed for R300. Or framed as in picture for R350. Artist: Miekie.

Marietjie Uys (Miekie) is a published author. You can buy the books here:
You can purchase Designs By Miekie 1 here.
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