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Friday, 6 January 2017

School Holiday Project: Making Paper Mosaic Cards

In today's blog we cut up an existing picture to expand it for use on a card. In the process the kids get to cut and paste as well as to put the 'puzzle' pieces together again. When we are done, we turn this expanded paper mosaic in to a lovely card by gluing decorations to it, and painting it with glitter paint. Once again the project is filled with developmental opportunities.

I found this old SANParks Times among my travel documents and realized that it would contain some pretty exciting photographs to work with. At the same time, it would create an opportunity to talk about conservation as well as introducing unknown animals. I could use the simple act of paging through this publication, looking for photos, as a learning opportunity.

My niece settled on this picture.

I allowed her to cut the picture out herself.

We then each got a sheet of coloured A4 paper.

I helped her to fold it in half as her folding skills were still a little clumsy. I held the corners down, while she did the actual folding.

I then divided the picture down the middle and into 8 sections. These sections were numbered in pencil on the back of the picture.

She was instructed to cut along the lines.

I selected this photo for my own card.

Once the photo is cut up, it becomes an intricate puzzle that needs to be reassembled. Allow the kids to do this by themselves, only advising when they get stuck.

The reassembled picture.

My own reassembled picture.

I had a hard time convincing her to spread the pieces out when gluing them to the paper and had to exaggerate my own to get her to do it.

She was finally prepared to commit to this strange idea.

She meticulously glued her pieces down.

We then drew a frame around our pictures in pencil. Actually I used a China Marker, but pencil or crayon would work equally well.

I brought out a box of foam rubber embellishments to stick onto the cards.

This is what I had in mind.

She discovered some wooden beads in the container and had her own ideas about the decorations.

I then pulled out the glitter paint. Teddy is Dala's junior range of art products and these paints work wonderfully with kids (and adlults!).

I gave her free rein to in deciding which parts of the card would be painted with the glitter paint. The result was that EVERYTHING was painted!

My own attempt was more modest.

Her final product was absolutely gorgeous!

My own looked a little boring by comparison. I am still learning.

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