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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sewing Conversions: Turning A Basque Into A Skirt

My mom has this habit of passing all sorts of off-cuts and remnants my way. This is how I came to be in possession of a completed basque that was cut from an existing skirt. Rummaging through my sewing room boxes, I came across this forgotten item and decided it was time to do something with it. So, for today's blog, I show you how to turn this off-cut into a cute little skirt for a young lady.

This is the basque I was given to work with. It may not seem like much, but a lot of work has actually already gone into making this. The waistband, darts, button and button hole are already in place, saving me a lot of time and trouble. I had my niece fit the skirt and then pinned the sides to adjust the size. I now cut along the pins, leaving a little extra for seams.

I went in search of small zippers to put into the skirt.

I pinned one side of the zipper to the basque.

I then sewed as close to the zipper as I could.

I then pinned the other side of the basque to the zipper.

This zipper was also sewed on.

This resulted in a pretty, yet concealed zipper.

I then pinned the side seams.

I sewed the side seams. Normally, I would never allow a side seam to run into a waist band, but with the conversion, I am willing to overlook it, provided it can be done neatly.

Next, I found the fabric that I wanted to match to the basque.

I cut the fabric needed according to my measurements for width and length.

I sewed the single back seam together.

I then pinned a rolled hem.

I sewed the hem.

I pinned the skirt to the basque.

The skirt was sewn to the basque.

The completed skirt from the front.

The completed skirt from the back.

My niece had her own idea and chose to wear the button and zipper at the front as she liked it for decorative purposes!

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