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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Using Dala Chalk Paint To Paint A Metal Egg Box

My grandmother used to have this old metal egg box next to the stove and this was passed on to my mother. It is not the prettiest of items, but it has great sentimental value. When I told my mom about the Chalk Paint that Dala sent me, she immediately suggested I use it to pretty up the old egg box. Dala Chalk Paint is ideal for this kind of project, as it adheres beautifully to a variety of surfaces, without any need for sanding or primers. I show you what I did in easy steps so you can do the same with your own tired looking kitchen nick knacks.

This is what the egg box looked like before its transformation.

I decided to start with Wingefield Green as a base colour.

The first coat of paint is painted directly onto the egg box without sanding it down or painting an undercoat. This is the beauty of Chalk Paint. It actually sticks to just about any surface and reduces the prep time considerably for your projects.

Once the first coat was touch dry, I applied a second coat of the same Wingfield Green.

Dala produces a paint that is very thick and tacky, which means it is brilliant quality. It also means that there is room for you to thin it down ever so slightly. If you find that the paint leaves streaks or goes on uneven, the paint is probably a little too thick for your chosen surface. Keep some clean water handy. Dip your brush in the water.

Now dip the wet brush in the paint.

You will find that the paint now glides on more smoothly. Do not get the paint too wet, or you will have to apply too many coats of paint, increasing the time required to finish the project. With the second coat on, I leave the box to dry for at least 24 hours. I need a thoroughly dry base coat for what will follow.

With the base coat completely dry it is time to decoupage the box. Paint Dala Acrylic Gel Medium where you want the picture to go.

Paste the picture in place and rub air bubbles out with a sponge.

Paint Dala Acrylic Gel Medium over the picture to seal it.

I did the same thing on the other side of the egg box as well.

I wanted to create a slightly distressed look using Dark Wax.

The Dark Wax is rubbed onto the box with sheep cloth.

Basically, you are dirtying random spots with the dark wax.

The egg box is now ready to go back in use.

The other side of the egg box.

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