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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Deep-fried Viskuite in Hondeklipbaai

If you find yourself in idyllic Hondeklipbaai in the Northern Cape of South Africa, you have to make sure that you wait at the docks for the fishermen to return with their catch of the day. You can buy a whole snoek for the price of two meals at a cheap restaurant! They will clean and salt it for you while you wait. If you are really clever, you will ask them to collect some viskuit (spawn) in a bag for you. Ask them nicely, and they will clean that for you as well. This was my introduction to viskuit and it was prepared by a friend, but let me share this Coastal delicatessen with you today.

Viskuit (spawn) are the ripe eggs inside the ovaries. The whole ovary is taken out of the fish and cleaned. The fish eggs are normally removed from the ovaries and served as caviar, but in the Western Cape the snoek kuipe are kept in the ovaries and prepared as a delicatessen. 

You may as well pick up a fresh snoek while you're at the docks as well. They will clean and salt it for you while you wait.

I do not have quantities as this meal was done very informally. Add a couple of scoops of flour to a mixing bowl.

Season with salt, Aromat and Pepper. You may also want to use fish spice.

Roll the viskuit in the seasoned flour.

Deep fry in hot oil.

Allow the oil to drain.

Serve hot. I like mine with a mild peri-peri sauce on the side.

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