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Friday, 1 July 2016

Making A Pop-Up Birthday Card For An Upside Down Girl

I have an upside down niece. I am more likely to see her feet than her face. The reason for this is that she loves doing cartwheels. As a matter of fact, this is her favorite mode of transport and you will frequently see her cartwheeling the distance between our house and hers. This is why I decided to incorporate a figure doing cartwheels on her birthday card. However, as she is also my assistant baker, I decided to include a three layer pop-up cake inside the card.

I start today's project on a blank card from a set of store-bought cards.

I take the measurements of the cream colored card to determine what I have to work with.

I then divide an A4 printer paper into quarters and draw the basic shape of a child's figure doing a cartwheel on one of these quarters.

With the basic shape in place, I finish the drawing with Faber-Castell Pitt Artists Pens with a Brush tip. I add more detail with the pens.

I then find my Derwent Inktense pencils to color the figure with.

I color directly on my cutting mat. This gives me an interesting embossed texture on the clothing of my figure.

I continue coloring the remainder of the drawing as well.

Next, I cut the figure out.

I then cut this red and white polka-dot wrapping paper slightly smaller than the card.

I also cut a piece of this red and white gauze the size of the card.

I use double-sided tape to stick the wrapping paper onto the card. Then I use the tape to stick the figure down as well.

I punch the salutations from silver glitter paper.

I fix the letters to the card with glue and tweezers.

It is starting to come together nicely.

The gauze is placed on top of the figure and wording, making it just a little more less predictable and thereby more interesting.

I glue a small strip of the silver glitter paper to the side of the inside of the card. I use another of those paper quarters that was left. This is folded in half.

Here you can see the size of the quarters in comparison to the card.

Open the paper out and divide it into three lengths becoming slightly smaller to the top.

Now step the sides of the cake.

Cut the cake out.

Colour the different layers of the cake.

Decorate the layers of the cake.

Separate the layers of the cake.

Stick double-sided tape to the sides of the cake layers.

Fix the cake layers in place so they will pop up when the card is opened.

And that is how you make a pop-up card for an upside down girl!

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