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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Making a Scatter Cushion Cover.

Having tested the Acrilpens in the previous blog, I decided that I liked the test project so much that I wanted to keep it. I decided to put it on a scatter cushion.

I tucked the corners in, using a technique I have shared in a previous blog for folding neat corners. Fold the centre in.

Fold the sides in one at a time and pin in place.

Repeat this for all four corners.

Pin the sides down as well.

I measured an existing scatter cushion I had in the house that was starting to look shabby. I doubled the measurement for the cushion (front and back), added 3 cm all around for seam allowance, and 20 cm for a fold in. I was really only making a pillow cover, preferring to able to take the cover off and wash it separately from the cushion. I cut the long stretch of fabric from fabric stock I had on hand. I positioned the painted design to align correctly on the front of the pillowcase. I set my machine to do an embroidery top stitch. This is called a triple stitch. The machine creates one stitch forward, one back and another forward, repeating until you lift your foot.

I sewed the painted design to the pillowcase using the embroidery topstitch. When you reach the corners, drop your needle down and lift the foot. Turn the fabric, lower the foot and continue sewing.

I sewed rolled hems for both ends of the pillowcase.

I folded the 20 cm fold-over in before folding the pillowcase to have the right sides facing each other. I pinned the seams in place.

I sewed the seams allowing 1,5 cm for the seams (I take it for granted that you have overlocked or zigzagged the seams).

Turn the pillowcase right side out.

 Slip a pillow inside and you are done. As easy as anything you’ve ever done.

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