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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Acrilpen on Paper

In a previous blog I told you about the acrylic pens I bought and tested, called Acrilpen. It states on the pens that they are meant to be used on fabric and I have tried it on fabric already, posting my findings here. I was not done with those pens yet. I still wanted to know how they would fare on paper! I keep a few sheets of paper at hand that has been prepared with gesso. I talked about strengthening paper with gesso to prepare it to accept paint in a previous blog as well. I grabbed one of these sheets, because I would want to use the pens in combination with normal acrylic paint to see how well it worked together.

I drew a couple of silly creatures on the paper with the pens. The result and feel of it can be compared to any other marker.

I colored the bugs using the pens as well.

I then collected a flat brush and acrylic paint to paint the background.

I laid down the paint rather thinly and set the paper aside to dry.

When the paint was dry I decided that I wasn’t happy with the outlines where the paint and pen met. I went over the outlines again with the pens.

I was still not satisfied with the result and turned to some metallic markers I had on hand.

I outlined only one of the bugs as a tester.

I decided that I liked this and did the same with the other bugs.

Am I satisfied with the results? I would have to say no. Is there something lacking in the pens? If I had to give a one word answer it would be pigment. I wanted it to be just a bit more vibrant. Oddly enough this did not bother me on the fabric. Would I use it on paper? I doubt it. I would if I did not have any other markers or pen, but I have a brilliant collection of pens and markers which include Daler-Rowney Pitt Pens and Pigma Pens. I would much rather use these products when working on paper, knowing that acrylic is a very accommodating medium allowing the use of virtually all other mediums. Would I use the Acrilpen on fabric again? Are you kidding? I have been dreaming up ideas for it ever since I’ve done the butterfly scatter cushion. The best idea I’ve come up with so far is to make a hand-painted wallet and/or handbag. But maybe I get a better idea. As always, I’ll keep you posted right here.

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