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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Child's Waistcoat & Bell-bottoms Part 2

After receiving a large pile of fabric from my sister-in-law, I still had lots of sewing to do after making hats for my nieces and nephew. I decided to start by making a matching waistcoat and trouser set for the three year old girl.
Part 1: Conceptualization, Pattern Design & Fabric Layout
Part 2: Constructing the Waistcoat
Part 3: Constructing the Bell-bottoms
The patterns can be downloaded from Click here for the pattern.

The waistcoat is designed to be reversible. Of you don't want a reversible waistcoat, you can make the inner from lining.

Constructing the Waistcoat
Line the front and back pattern pieces up at the shoulders and side seams and pin in place, right sides facing. Do this for both the outer as well as the inner waistcoats.

Sew the pinned shoulder and side seams allowing 1,5 cm for the seams. Do this for both the outer as well as the inner waistcoats.

Iron the sewn seams open. Do this for both the outer as well as the inner waistcoats.

With the right sides facing each other, pin the two waistcoats to each other all the way around. Do not pin the armholes.

Stitch at 1,5 cm seam allowance all around the waistcoats.

Cut excess fabric away and make notches on all of the round areas to create space when you turn the waistcoat inside out.

Turn the waistcoat inside out at one of the armholes.

Iron the waistcoats flat on the stitch line.

Pin the armholes, spacing the pins 2-3 cm apart.

Cut approximately 1 cm into the armholes between the pins. This will create space to fold the fabric in.

Fold the armhole seams in and pin in place.

Sew the seams on the armholes by hand.

Iron the armholes flat.

This inner waistcoat (lining).

The outer waistcoat.

In the next blog I will show you how to make the bell-bottom trousers.

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