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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cheese & Chips Cookies

Today I am going to share a marvellously simple recipe with you that is so easy to make that you can do it with the kids or let the slightly older ones do it by themselves. This is a savoury cookie and a firm favourite with my family where there are a number of people who prefer savoury to sweet.

Here is a list of the ingredients:
100 g Butter
100 g Margarine
150 g Cheese (Cheddar works best)
200 g Chips (I prefer Big Corn Bites Barbeque flavour)
500 ml Cake Flour (2 cups)

It really is as simple as mixing everything together, but I’ll walk you through the steps and show you what you can do to make it even easier. For starters, I prefer to melt the butter and margarine (100 g each). This is not necessary, but it makes it easier to mix it in properly.

Grate the cheese (150 g). There is no need to grate this finely for it will be melting during the baking process. Use a rough grater to speed things up a bit.

Sieve 2 cups of flour in a bowl.

I prefer to use Big Corn Bites Barbeque flavoured chips, but you can swap the chips out for your favourites. Bear in mind that the biscuits get almost all of their flavour from the chips and therefore you need to be working with strongly flavoured chips for best results.

To restrict the mess, I crush the chips in the packet. Don’t be too hasty or the packet will burst open.

Add the chips to the flour.

Add the cheese to the flour and chips.

Mix with your hand to make sure the chips and cheese are covered in flour. This will reduce clumps of cheese and will help the chips to be more cohesive.

Add the melted butter and margarine and mix with your hand (make sure the melted fats and oils have cooled down before putting your hand in there).

It should look like this when it is mixed, starting to form balls when you press it together.

This is a good time to set your oven to 200° C. It should be just about warm by the time you are done rolling balls.

Roll small balls (this is more like pressing it together), flatten it a little in the palm of your hand and put on a baking sheet. I always spray my baking sheets, but I suspect this will not stick, because of the high fat content. However, I am not willing to risk it to find out. The cookies will not spread, but I still prefer to leave space between them, because it speeds up the baking process by allowing warm air to flow freely between them.

Stick the cookies in the oven and bake for 10 minutes.

Put them on a wire rack to cool and enjoy. My family usually has half the cookies consumed by the time they are cool enough to put away. The recipe makes approximately 4 dozen cookies (48), depending on the size of the balls you roll.

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