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Friday, 14 July 2017

Cardmaking: To Colour Or To Paint Part 1

We have been doing a lot of colouring of late for the projects we've been working on. Yet, a number of pencils give us the option of painting them with water, once they are coloured. We explore these possibilities in today's blog when use two butterfly designs from my book Designs By Miekie 1 to make a special card.

I have printed both designs for today's project earlier on, along with two more designs for other projects. The four designs fitted nicely onto an A4 sheet of paper. Most printer programmes allow you to select the option to print 4 'photos' onto a single page. The file format of these designs allow for them to be printed and treated as photos.

These enlarged photos in A4 size shows the detail of the designs more clearly.

This is the other design we'll be using.

For today's project I will be using Derwent Inktense pencils to colour the designs. Inktense pencils are watersoluble, but the colour is fixed once dry. Most other watersoluble pencils allow you to dissolve the colour again when dry. Inktense pencils also have a more vibrant and intense colour than most other pencils.

I start by colouring the backgrounds light blue with a darker shade around the edges.

I then start with the first colour on the wings of the butterflies. Notice how I repeat the colours in both pictures.

The second colour is added.

The last colour is added.

I now use my Pentel Aquash Brush to paint the penciled work with water.

Once the paintings are dry, I cut out all along the edges.

The pictures are now ready to be used in cards.

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