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Friday, 10 March 2017

School Holiday Project: Make A Beaded Ring

Today's project is aimed at younger girls. It is a really quick one where I show how to make beaded rings. The tricky part is connecting the two ends of the thread, but I share an easy trick that solves this problem without any hassles. This project can be as cheap, or as expensive as the beads you select to use.

I had only one of these pretty glass beads left over from a previous project and my niece envied it. I decided to make her a ring, using this as the 'diamond'. It was so easy that she managed to help me considerably. I have used fish gut to string the beads.

Find coordinating beads to match your focal bead. Slip the focal bead onto a piece of fish gut that has considerable extra length. If you cut it too short, you will struggle to keep the beads on the string, while tying off the ends. Slip equal amounts of beads onto both sides of the focal bead.

Once the beads fit all around the intended finger, you can stop beading. It is now time to tie off the ends. Let me show a neat trick with which to do it.

Slip 2 tiny crimp beads onto the 2 ends.

Holding one end securely in your hand, loop the other end back and through the crimp bead.

Pull the gut to make the loop smaller and when it is really small, use your flat-nosed pliers to crimp the bead shut on the gut.

Slip the other end of the gut through this loop.

Loop the second end back through its own crimp bead. Pull the loop 'till it is very small and then crimp the bead shut with your pliers.

Trim the ends with your scissors. You now have a pretty little ring!

Isn't this cute on my niece's finger?

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