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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Fold A Sliding Card & Presentation Sleeve For Your Home-Made Jewelry

It is time to give gifts of love and care and I have saved today's blog specifically with this in mind. I show you how to fold a sleeve from paper with a sliding card to write a special message on. We then slide another card in there, but this time we turn the card into a backing board to present a special gift of jewelry, effectively turning the card into a parcel. Quick, easy and pretty, you will love this blog.

I start this project with a pretty piece of off-cut paper, measuring 11 x 30,5 cm.

Fold the paper double.

Fold one end back.

Fold the other side only half-way back.

Stick double-sided tape to 3 of these sides and secure the flap in place.

Do the same thing on the other side, securing this flap in place as well.

The sleeve now looks like this.

Measure the height of the sleeve. Mine measures 10,5 cm.

Find coordinating paper and cut 2 strips measuring 10,5 x 2 cm each.

Put double-sided tape along both sides.

Put double sided tape along both sides at the back as well.

Stick the paper strips on the front sides, only 1 cm into the card, allowing the paper strips to extend past the edge of the pocket.

Here you can see clearly how the paper strips extend past the edges of the pocket.

Fold the paper strips before removing the backing of the double-sided tape, to ensure a tidy finish.

Remove the backing paper and stick the paper strips down.

Measure the width of the pocket and cut a paper strip 2 cm wide to fit the width of the pocket.

Stick this paper strip to the bottom of the pocket, exactly as you did for the sides.

Secure at the back.

Cut a piece of ribbon the width of the pocket. Put a line of glue down directly under the pocket opening.

Glue the ribbon to the pocket, tucking the edges under the paper strips on the side.

Measure the size of the inside pocket and cut a piece of paper to slip comfortably in and out of the pocket. This will become the card that you will write your personal message on.

Make sure the card fits comfortably.

Measure and draw a tab for the card.

Curve the edges of the tab.

Cut the tab out.

Find a second coordinating paper to become your backing board for the jewelry you want to slip into the pocket. I opted to use this piece of sturdy vellum. Measure and draw a tab to sit next to the tab on the card.

The two pocket inserts side by side with the tabs cut out.

Progress photo of the pocket card at this stage.

With one card removed.

With both cards removed.

I now cut 2 openings into the vellum to slip the bracelet through.

I unfasten the bracelet and slip the ends through the openings.

the clasp is then secured at the back of the vellum.

I use an awl to punch holes for the earrings.

The earrings are then hooked onto the vellum backing board.

The gift tag now needs to be inserted into the pocket card.

The card assists in hiding the gift from the recipient until the tab is pulled out of the sleeve. All you now need to do, is to add your personal message to the tab card.

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